Userbench CPU score DRAMA – WAN Show Aug 9, 2019

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Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019 1
Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019 2
Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019 3
Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019 4
Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019 5

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  1. Timestamp

    1:55 Cloudflare terminated 8chan

    16:40 Linus take on 8chan takedown

    18:58 Userbench controversy

    28:20 Sponsor

    30:27 Sponsor

    31:02 Sponsor

    32:00 Actual main topic of the WAN Show

    33:00 Linus calling out MKBHD for a challenge

    37:00 Linus admitting he has a plan

    38:45 AMD EPYC 7002 Rome delivers a knockout

    42:00 AMD stock analysis?

    45:25 AMD EPYC technobabble

    51:40 Speaking of ….oops..not on sale yet

    52:05 Dr Su going to IBM rumor

    55:20 LTT Store merchandise update

    1:10:50 Apple is locking iPhone battery repair

    1:18:20 Straw Poll results – Have you had your battery swapped in you phone more than once?

    1:19:40 Viewer's comments

    1:24:50 Linus will be on vacation next week

  2. The problem with that userbenchmark shit is that the i3 is being sold on their site as being better than r6 2600. It just seems unrealistic. Even though the 2600 beats it for everything except like 1% on single thread or some shit.

  3. Userbenchmark, compares your hardware to similar or different rigs from other people and gives you a performance ratio showing how good or bad you compare with others of similar systems and tells you what your system is geared for (Gaming, Workstation, etc)
    Easiest way to explain it
    The thing is, Userbenchmark should NOT be considered a serious benchmarking tool! Its fine for giving you an IDEA of how your PC does but is not the be all end all of benchmarks.

  4. you can literally have a stream of a guy shooting up a church on facebook and nothing happens to facebook but have a manifesto on a free speech website and everyone loses their mind. it sucks that the big monopolies can do whatever they want and get away with it but the small fish get smacked into the dumpster for smaller infractions.

  5. One thing many people don't think aboit in terms of "free speech" on various private forums: Most of these are international. And beholden to the laws of every country they serve. And in many countries, A) "free speech" isn't limitless, and doesn't mean freedom from consequence. In many European countries, the forum/publication operator are legally reaponsible for the distribution of whatever users post on their site. There is some room on timeframe for moderation (typically withon 24-48 hours), but if they leave eg. user-posted hstespeech up, the publicizing company will be held criminally liable for publishing hate speech. And that can be millions of dollars in fines. Thus, they moderate.

  6. The bullshit talks on free speech and defending the bad and/or hypocritical actions of companies early in the video is the reason for me disliking the video. The rest of the video was fine.

  7. Hey, you know what causes radicalization? Being banned from pubic discourse so the only places you can go are places like 8chan! Wow!

    Maybe mass banning people for objectionable opinions only makes it worse! Revolutionary idea!

  8. Userbenchmark just needs to segment their benchmark tables/ranking charts, or ONLY do either gaming or workstation testing in the ranking charts with balanced scoring for their workloads. Everyone can go to their use case or use 'compare' to see if the CPU is OK for balanced workloads. Everyone would be happy……..maaaaaybe. 🤔
    #RIP-MKBHD….I'm hooked now, and can't wait. 👍
    AMD stock prices were really good(for buying) when I was seeing the innovations AMD's patent lawyers were spitting out. I was going to buy some stock but….. the house comes first and I need the cash now…..not in 2 years when it would mature enough for me to sell them. 😔
    As to the EPYC Rome series doing AVX 512,…..You can probably get an accelerator add in card for handing the workload off to. Just won't be cheap and likely classed as a custom logic board in the pricing.
    Stereotyping and labeling is narrow minded and shallow sighted. That's why I like you guys and the other the channels I follow……LOGIC FTW!!
    Great show as always chaps. Cheers. 👌

  9. If they broadcasted the shooters family background we'd know a lot more why they turned out like this.
    Hint: not a lot of loving fathers on the scene…due to 2nd wave feminism breaking the family unit and the welfare state stealing single men's money and giving it to single women's children. Children that then grow up into mass shooters, at which point 3rd wave feminists blame men and the vicious circle repeats

  10. feedback on the mouse pad: Not everyone uses a mouse with the right hand….. maybe make them so you can flip them without the logo being upside down. If you really want it to be good for "everyone".

  11. Having the clear color on the right side of the LTT mousepad to avoid tracking issues is a great idea. But once again, 15% of the world population is being forced to put their mousepad upside down…

  12. The X86 license is not transferable, but if IBM bought AMD it would also get the rights to the AMD64 instruction set, in this situation intel would be in a corner and would have to licence IBM to use X86 if Intel wanted to continue to use the X64 instruction set.

  13. 8ch isn't a hate site. It is a site about hobbies. Most of the traffic there is for videogames, hobbyist activity, and alternative sexuality (like transsexualism). It is a highly liberal open minded site. I don't agree with most of what is on the site, but it isn't a hate site. Quit spreading lies to promote anti-free speech. No one calls for violence on the site. Just stay off the topic if you're ignorant of it.

  14. Linus FFS, this is not about being AMD or Intel fanboy – everyone that looks at that "weighting" understands multicore performance cannot and should not be 2% of overall score…
    show me modern programs that still only use singlecore – not even games do that these days – 40%
    quadcore? – 58% WHAT? which applications/games use SPECIFICALLY 4 cores – not more, not less?! – 58%
    but multicore? 2%
    and then you can find i3s being higher ranked than Threadrippers…

    you should watch HardwareUnboxed video on this topic – you might learn something

  15. There is a free speech argument to be made if companies like Google are involved because monopolies can change things but cloudflare does not have a monopoly and 8chan can find another way to stay up so I don't think a free speech argument is valid

  16. God.. i can even hear Linux doing a video in the background .. or at least talk .. but hey, thats just ubercritical .. but I love jake joined the WAN Show! Hope to see him more often 🙂

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