49 Comments on “Watch this BEFORE buying an AMD CPU! – Every RAM Speed Tested”

  1. I'm using 2x8gb g.skill trident z rgb 3600mhz cl16 for my r7 3700x, and everything works damn smooth. Maybe i should have waited for the cl14 ones, but i doubt that it will be much of a difference

  2. It's All Sex when it comes to a PC, kinda like a prostitute… My buddy told me this, found it funny… he said RAM is like regular sex, you feel somewhat in control its a pretty standard price, your satisfied cause ya needed it… a new GPU is like a high priced hooker… you get screwed and the price is way too high, ya cant believe how much ya spent but when ya stare at it ya can say yeah… im satisfied, but I know soon there will be a better model I want more!

  3. here im sitting with a strix x570 F and a Ryzen 3600 that struggles with trident Z 2 dimm kit 3200mhz… and cant even get a cl 16 to be able to boot at like 20% of the time (wasnt on the qvl list but i dont wanna throw my old ram away ( that worked on Ryzen1600 and crosshair VI hero)) latest chipset driver seems to have let it run more stable but im not confident lol^^ greetings xD

  4. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to building my computers. Been doing it for over 30 years after all and have worked with computers my entire life. That said, these kinds of videos just makes me want to buy a console instead of a PC… not that it would ever happen, but that's my initial feeling. =) "sync your infinity gauntlet with the cosmic scale blabla". What? =)

    Edit: Thanks for the summary near the end. heh

  5. I want to add another ram card to my laptop into the empty slot. Do I need the same card as the orginal, or atleast the same speed? Or is it okay with basically anything?

  6. I'd like to see if RAM speed or timings even help with higher resolutions like 1440p, which is the resolution I tend to play games and it's starting to be a more common resolution over using 4k..

  7. I got Asrock B450M Pro4. and im getting ryzen 5 2600. Whats the best ram speed for that mobo? When i looked at the specs it said 3200 max and it has to be OC. Can i get 3200 ram thats not oc?

  8. me watching video: mhmm, yes… interesting… loses attention and just listens as background noise Wait wtf is he talking about? what is that? confused af.

  9. Infinity fabric overclock, how to stability test?

    Everyone mentiones to tweak the frequency, and check if stable, but is it a memory stress test or what program should I use?
    Also does it make sense to tweak any voltages (SoC?) when OC'ing the IF?

  10. There are two types of people, ones who look at max scores and ones who look at min scores.
    I'm the min/avg score dude. You can clearly see that the min in some cases is higher on higher clocking ram that the avg on "budget" ram.

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