2020 iPhone rumor suggests dramatic iPhone 4-style overhaul for next year’s models

The new iPhones have only just gone on sale—in fact our review of the iPhone 11 Pro just went up today—but we already have a rumor about the next iPhone from an extremely reliable source.

In his latest research note, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the 2020 iPhone, which will presumably be called the iPhone 12, will have a design that is “significantly” changed from the iPhone 11. Apple introduced the current design two years ago with the iPhone X, and after a slew of copycats, it no longer feels as fresh or exciting as it did.

While Kuo’s report is light on specifics, he specifically calls out the iPhone 4 as a reference for the design change. He notes that “the front and rear 2/2.5D glass are still used,” meaning the 2020 iPhone will likely not have a curved “infinity” screen like the Galaxy S10. He also says the body will keep the metal frame seen on the edges of the iPhone 11, but the body will no longer be curved.

The iPhone 4 notably ushered in the so-called “flat” design era for the iPhone that Apple continued with the 4S, 5, and 5S, as well as the iPhone SE. You can also see its use in the current version of the iPad Pro, so it makes sense that Apple would explore a similar design for the iPhone.

Kuo previously reported that the iPhone lineup would undergo major changes next year. For one, he expects all three models to gain OLED displays, which would represent an upgrade for the iPhone 11 replacement. Furthermore, he claims the sizes will be changing, with the lower model having a smaller 5.4-inch screen and the “pro” models coming in 6.1- and  6.7-inch varieties. He also predicts that Apple will be adding a 5G modem to the 2020 iPhones to take advantage of the faster wireless speeds.

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