30 Hidden Features of iOS 13 That You Should Definitely Check Out

iOS 13 is here and with it are several excellent features. We’ve combed through the operating system to find the best hidden features in iOS 13. This list includes some pretty nifty features such as the ability to download large apps on mobile data to OCR search in Apple’s Notes app. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 13, and some of these hidden features could push you to update if you weren’t going to do so already.

Here are 30 of our favourite hidden iOS 13 features:

1. Easily switch Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

Open the Control Centre, tap and hold Wi-Fi icon to reveal a list of Wi-Fi networks. You can quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network right here instead of going via Settings. The same applies to Bluetooth as well — you can quickly connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices from here.

2. Silence unknown callers

Tired of spam calls from telemarketers? You can quickly silence calls from unknown numbers by going to Settings Phone, and enabling Silence Unknown Callers.

3. Download large apps on mobile data

Go to Settings iTunes & App Store and in the Mobile Data section tap App Downloads. Now select Always Allow if you want to download all apps on mobile data. Always Ask will check whether you want to download apps on mobile data, and Ask If Over 200MB will only check if you want to download the app on mobile data if it is over 200MB.

4. Dual-SIM support for FaceTime and iMessage

You can now use both your linked phone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage, and make the most of your dual-SIM iPhone.

5. Delete apps directly from the App Store

If you see an app that’s received an update on the App Store, you don’t have to go searching for it through multiple home screens to delete it. Open the App Store and tap your profile icon on the top-right. Now scroll down to the Updates section find the app you want to delete Swipe left and tap Delete.


6. Improved Silent Mode display

Toggle the mute switch on your iPhone, and you’ll see iOS 13 telling you subtly that you’ve toggled silent mode on or off. This is much better than the large box that used to appear till iOS 12.

7. Automatically close Safari tabs

If you have a problem with forgetting to close Safari tabs, just go to Settings Safari Close Tabs. Now you can select any of After One Day, After One Week, and After One Month. Or just keep it at Manually and pretend you’re going to finish reading them all some day.

8. Save open tabs in Safari as bookmarks

Think closing your open Safari tabs is too extreme? Well you can save them as bookmarks. Open Safari and Tap and hold the Bookmarks button. Now tap Add Bookmarks for (number) tabs. This will create a bookmark folder for all these tabs. Name that folder and tap Save.

9. Use a mouse with an iPhone or iPad

You can use a Bluetooth mouse with iOS devices now. Note that the Bluetooth mice that use a USB dongle to connect probably won’t work. You’ll need the type of Bluetooth mouse that does not require that dongle. If you have that, you can pair it…


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