A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review

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24 Comments on “A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review”

  1. 1 of my reason that not to change my note 9 to note 10+ is bcoz that headphone jack πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ & my note 9 is a perfect daily driver that i ever used πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Honestly I had an alarm feature in my Note 9 alarm that allowed you to power off the device and it would turn on a couple mins before your alarm…Note 10+ feature is gone….wtf

  3. You know it always gets to me how people perceive those small details regarding vendors. And how vastly different it can be. When Apple introduced notch, everyone lost their shit how innovative and prospective it is. "It is the only step, Apple did something noone dared to do. AGAIN!". And everybydy copycated it as the also wanted to follow the trend. But then, for some unknown phenomenon their notches were received rather coldly despite the fact this was all the same useless gimmick as Apples' one.

    And it gets better! Apple decides to remove 3,5mm jack. Says it's obsolete and stopping them from progressing. Whatever that means, for me it's just a load of BS. But ok. Then slowly everyone else does the same stupid movement with various outcomes and with next models gives back or not. Everybody loses their shit once again, 4chan in its normal way is trolling everyone hard with drilling in chassis, ale people once again- just as before- acts like bunch of hypocrytes praising Apple for bold move and bashing the rest for taking oh-so-very-important feature.

    Like… srsly- it's 2019, more like getting into end of it. Just buy some cheaper wireless headphones if you don't feel like buying expensive Apple/Samsung ones and I assure you if you're not some audiophile you won't hear difference.

  4. Hi Linus, there is a problem with fast cable charging on note10, it doesn't woark (exynos version, I'm still waiting confirmation for snapdragon)!! Charging time 10-100% battery needs about 1:20min on note 10 and just about 1 hour on note10+ although it have bigger battery! Tested on two (n10 and n10+ devices). Can you investigate a bit?! So it is same if you charge your note 10 with new or old (from s9) samsung chargers! πŸ™ No one writing about this!

  5. Totally agree with you:
    Samsung note IS THE "SWISS ARMY KNIFE" !!!! Or at least it was! It had everything that all other phones had together! Like IR-bluster, 3.5 jack and NO HOLES or notches!!! Now it really is a S10-stylus !!!

  6. No Samsung is worse about the 3.5mm jack. They made fun of everyone else for removing it and then they did it to. A lot of people stuck with Samsung because they had it and if they don't bring it back people will buy cheaper better phones like the OnePlus 7 pro

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