A FIRST for Gaming Monitors! – ASUS VG27AQ Review

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26 Comments on “A FIRST for Gaming Monitors! – ASUS VG27AQ Review”

  1. to bad asus monitor menu sucks. your forced to use a preset with crappy IQ because at srgb they dont allow you to change brightness which is needed at night as its so darn bright i get skin burns and turn crisp. i cant watch that so i have to run racing mode which looks unsaturated and has a off gamma but its the only usabler profile with adjustable brightness and contrast. asus is not getting money from me again untill i get ful controll. i paid for it after all.

  2. is there a way to disable HDR completely and not let anything recognize its available, cause I always have it disabled back lighting and everything cause im not a fan of it on my monitor and it cant really achieve the brightness, but whenever I open up games it tries to turn it on and sometimes does when I have all backlighting disabled and it disabled in windows, any solutions?

  3. Got my hopes up when the title said “budget.”

    Maybe something in the sub $250 realm next time for a monitor LMG?
    Ya pompous bastards 😉

  4. Now I'd like to see a gaming-monitor-looking gaming AiO PC. I don't have much room where I live and I'm a student so I have to have lots of space for books and notes, and there's really not much space under my desk. Also an ITX case would look very weird and bad under the desk. So an AiO PC suitable for games would be a great thing to have. Not a laptop 'cause of cooling problems. Anything anyone/you LTT can recommend?

  5. Thats why i love my Sony PVM and all the old retro consoles that have zero motion blur. No fuss perfect experience. TV's are going backwards. They should have sorted this years ago.

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