Apple ID: How to change your email address

Apple allows you to register an Apple ID utilizing an email address it gives or with what it calls a “third-party” address—that’s one from some other service. In the latter case, if you happen to use an email address for a private Apple ID account and you understand you’ll lose entry to that address—possibly you’re about to give up a job, retire, be laid off, or, gulp, be fired!—you need to make sure that and change it now or guarantee future entry.

For these third-party addresses, it’s a simple change. Apple allows you to merely choose one other address to use, and then you definately verify the receipt of a message at that address so Apple will be positive the brand new address is underneath your management.

  1. Go to the Apple ID website and log in.

  2. Click Change Apple ID.

  3. Enter a brand new email address and click on Done.

  4. Enter the code you obtain in an email.

  5. Log again in to all of the units and companies that use the earlier email for that Apple ID account. (You might or will not be prompted to accomplish that.)

(If you don’t have one other third-party email address you should utilize, arrange a recent Gmail account and use that. For additional factors, you possibly can even ahead email to that new Gmail account to one other email address you employ, so that you simply don’t have to log in to cope with verification messages or different Apple ID-related points.)

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You can change a “third-party” email address that’s your Apple ID login.

The state of affairs is harder and problematic for Apple-controlled addresses—these ending with,, and

  • You can’t change an Apple ID that makes use of a type of domains to a third-party email address.

  • If you change your Apple ID from a third-party email address to a type of domains, you possibly can by no means change it again.

If you’ve got a work-owned Apple account that you simply’ve used with your Apple ID as its login email address, you’re successfully caught as Apple not allows you to register email-only accounts. A brand new email address can solely be created as a part of an Apple ID. And the address is related throughout creation with that Apple ID account.

The solely doable plan of action is both to wipe your private data from the Apple ID account—from contacts, calendars, images, notes, iCloud Drive, and extra—and lose any related purchases you made for your self, or persuade your employer to allow you to take the address with you. In that case, change the password and any related emails by way of the Apple ID website to make certain it’s solely underneath your management.

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