Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!

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  1. i CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE this plugs placements

  2. If I spent $700 on a phone I'd have to stop making fun of people that spend $700 on phones and that's not going to happen.

  3. A 720p display phone that can shoot 4k 640fps on a 64gb storage.. iPhone 11 brings the real innovation 😊😂

  4. We're officially at the stage where we call $999 and $1099 to be "Normal" prices for a phone. Damn u Apple

  5. This iphone cost more than my car ;-;

  6. is it a phone? or a electric shaver?… lol…

  7. For f sake, it triggers trypophobia,. I bet You can't unsee it.

  8. XDR sounds like something Sony would use in their products. Oh wait, they already have a radio that has the XDR moniker. Ok I'll get me coat.

  9. I personally am not impressed with new apple products. Innovation seems to be dead. Cook doesn't push hard enough-he's a softie.

  10. Advertises TING and says "No strings attached" without so much as a whiff of pun. Linus, we are disappoint.

  11. Surgical grade stainless steel – an invented term with no genuine meaning.

  12. Slofie sounds like a shoe name… Great job regurgitating all the shit apple said. But atleast you said you will actually look at the product and what they claim when you get your hands on it so… I guess see you then?

  13. apple should just focus on their tablet at this point. Their phones are getting less and less good each year.

  14. a fucking GAMING chair with RGB …. stop the damn planet, this is my stop.

  15. Linus ill describe you in 3 words…You are Awesome !!!!

  16. Apple is just looking sad now. Complete lack of innovation.

  17. i remember when apple said they would never put a lump on the back for the camera

  18. Worst phone in history!! scarry holes at the rear

  19. Wait, Apple users can trade-in their phones? So hardcore Apple fans might just be cheap? 😀

  20. I just need 4 years to buy this.

  21. So it has new cameras, and better battery life. Another innovation from apple.

  22. I thought always on display will be available on iphone 11 but its on apple watch.

  23. I still juse a samsung s6 and still works geat 🙂

  24. Hey Linus, how were you able to get that shot at the beginning of the video where your face stays perfectly focused while everything else looks all blurry?

  25. When linus has 9 millions subs!!! NICEEE GREAT WORK i remembered 6million 😂😂😂

  26. "Surgical Steel" is not a standart. They can use whatever steel they want and call it that.
    Also, i wonder how they do that 9 picture composite, wouldnt the camera have to record without user input if put in this mode?

  27. I love hitting the arrow over for the merch placement spots. I just want a phone that works. If i wanna take pictures ill use a camera. Just a simply text phone call and a couple of apps maybe. cheers!

  28. Linus at end of vid:

  29. so.. the thing on the right.
    does that stand for "apple dinosaur brick"?

  30. are you really not going to talk about the rgb chair ?

  31. What are the chances of them releasing a red version for the Pro Max?

  32. Man Apple are swiftly falling even further behind.

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