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APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019 1
APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019 2
APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019 3
APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019 4
APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019 5

41 Comments on “APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR – WAN Show Sept 6, 2019”

  1. There was a comment about timestamps, but it somehow disappeared so I'm just gonna put it here:
    00:00 Explanation for being late (ROG Phone)

    01:40 Topics

    02:10 Intro

    03:15 Why Linus doesn't eat on stream

    04:37 Apple's Autonomous Car (Title)

    05:50 Linus going out with a guy

    09:58 Apple doesn't have press contact and support sucks (Also some technical issues)

    16:20 Apple live chat logs

    20:45 Folding phones (Samsung launches in South Korea)

    24:20 Sponsors (Backblaze, Freshbooks, Pulseway)

    26:43 Hisense ULED TV (Answering superchat)

    27:34 Linus talks about VR and its improvements

    39:35 Calling Apple

    40:55 Apple and Google ordered by US gov to hand over gun scope user data (Nobody picked up the phone)

    44:33 Amazon testing scanning hands for payments (Prime members only)

    46:13 Outro

    46:25 JK Superchats

  2. ICar = a Joke. Sorry but Tesla-there is no substitute with so many super chargers around. The porsche is decent but wtf can you charge it at 500kw???? no where. My model 3 gets 1 mile every 5 sec of charge up to 150 miles at 150kw. It can even take 350kw for a mile every 2.75 sec or 24 miles/min. 4+min = 100 miles.

  3. I haven’t seen the article, but couldn’t that “apple car” just be them scanning more streets for their apple 3D maps or whatever they are bringing out with IOS 13? Like google have been doing for ages

  4. The ISIS Toyota news was pretty misrepresented. Basically everyone knows that Toyota trucks are almost indestructible and in desert they are one of the only one's that don't break all the time, and they aren' just one model, but a lot of models Toyota sells. (cause there are single models of cars from different brands, but it's like one model and often it's not produced anymore.)

  5. Apple has problems building there core products, so i have no trust in a icar.

    I cant blame the dude for thinking your gay, I mean the sock & sandals, high voice, flappy hands and in show bis i mean the signs are all there.
    You really don't have to pretend in 2019 the accountant is your wife :p Its a save place here on the internet to come out, no one will beat you up for it or take your lunch money.

  6. there are some mosfet components that cant be exported, the mosfets can be configured to trigger plutonium implosion (fast enough), there is also 4 or 5 valve/tube types that are heavily controlled too, in this case they emit neutrons(neutron source) so obviously we need to know how many of the valves/tubes there are, and who has them.
    here are just 2 examples there are more.

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