Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER – WAN Show Sept 13, 2019

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Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019 1
Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019 2
Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019 3
Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019 4
Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER - WAN Show Sept 13, 2019 5

40 Comments on “Apple's Exclusive Game: FROGGER – WAN Show Sept 13, 2019”

  1. The Apple Arcade could possibly be good for mac gaming as well. Few mac news websites played arcade games on the next MacOS beta and they seem to like the experience (not all games were complete but still nice)

  2. The fuck? Why would you lean into a virtual boy on a table? You wear it on your face while laying down, duh. At least that's what I did with mine as a kid. Still have the thing too with Warrio and Red Alert.

  3. Free to play mobile games are garbage. I liked how Nintendo handled Mario Run but they didn't make enough money on it so Mario Kart Tour will be plagued with mtx and pay or wait

  4. Luke, man, I hate to say it but I think you've made an ass out of yourself on the "Free vs subscription" thing.

    The reason free to play games get a bad rep isn't because being free to play inherently makes them worse games by design. Warframe is a good example of that. It's an MMO that didn't need a subscription service to make a great game. People not wanting to add another $5 to their already growing list of streaming services for something they never really get to own is actually a hell of a lot smarter than paying $5 for some crappy Iphone games or ports that you don't get to keep.

    $5 a month doesn't sound like a lot but that's another $60 a year to drop on, something I must again make absolutely clear, you do not get to keep if you stop.

    Besides, the elder scrolls online nearly died BECAUSE it started off requiring a subscription, and is doing much BETTER now that it's went buy-to-play rather than buy-to-pay. More people are playing it because it's become more easily accessible and by design, is making more money than it was with subscriptions because people don't feel a pressure to sit there and play it when they don't feel like it in order to justify to themselves that they're "Not wasting subscription time"

    It really just kind of makes you look like a tool when you go completely anti-consumer and then blame bad practices on said consumers you just got through shitting on.

    "Ah yes, since you aren't willing to pay $20 a month to keep access to something you just got through paying $60 for, you are what's causing certain developers to deal in underhanded or pay-to-win practices. Don't you understand that if you had only just paid them more money every month that the game would somehow magically improve?"

    Didn't fuckin' work for WoW, did it? People paid subscription fees + Bought Overpriced DLC + Bought overpriced Microtransactions and the game is still a heaping pile of garbage like it was at launch.

  5. About your merch:
    I love that hoodie. I want it. But, it costs $100 USD tracked to get it to Sydney, Australia – that's $145.41 AUD at time of writing. If you can get your shipping fees down, then maybe I can buy the products you plug so often. Advertising products viewers can't get isn't nice in my eyes

  6. Luke, is your condo heated through a boiler/radiator system? While the backflow prevention valve mentioned by others is a likely cause, I ran into a similar problem in my college dorm. The problem there involved uninsulated pipes where the cold water line to several of the drinking fountains/sinks was run right next to a boiler line for the building's radiators to avoid drilling more holes through the very thick brick walls. This would cause the water in the cold line to heat up during periods of low use, like in the middle of the night or early morning. This could sometimes cause it to get hot enough to cook ramen noodles with water straight from the drinking fountain, and it would stay that way for a while before getting cold again after enough water was being used in the building.

    This scenario only partially explains your issues, but it is possible you have a similar problem combined with another issue.

  7. Okay so, Luke, I played KotOR 2 first and then 1 and could recommend that route. Also, at the time, didn't know anything about the first game, so it didn't spoil that experience. The mechanics and characters of 2 are better but, 1 is worthwhile if it's story hasn't already been spoiled for you.

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