Before You Buy an iPhone 11…

Before the iPhone 11 unboxing and evaluate, listed below are my ideas on Apple’s latest telephone for 2019.
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  1. 5G coming to iPhone next year? 😂

  2. so Apple users will wait untill 2021 to have the tech that android have it now
    and people still buy them smh

  3. i currently have an iPhone SE, 3 years old but still like new, but i need to get a new one because i began using it more for work and the screen is too small for me… do you have any recommendations on which one to get? i just need a bigger screen and a better camera 🙂

  4. Watching on 6s and still very good

  5. You state – everybody wants iPhone! Well, I don't ;-))))))) I hate it 😉

  6. I’m watching this on my iPhone 6…

    I’ve been through two batteries…

  7. That's the ugliest iphone tbh…look at the hedious camera design at the back

  8. My iPhone 6s is not working properly anymore so I’m prob going to upgrade to the 11 don’t want to wait a year for 12

  9. Unknown : Whats your talent ?

    Dave : secretly roasting apple and reducing sales of apple

  10. Yes. I should get it. As I’m on an upgrade plan so makes no difference to me.

  11. Redmi k20 pro better screen

  12. What I saw with iPhone 6 the software is slow

  13. I just feel like I should say it again. IT'S STUPID TO BUY A $1000 PHONE IN 2019

  14. Xiaomi makes an amazing phones for around 200 bucks.

  15. I really like Dave, how he cares for us (the consumers) and not wanting us to spend money on things that u don't really need and telling us the better option in terms of getting ur monies worth.

  16. 100% Dave. I’ve been hanging onto my 6s Plus exactly for the reasons you stated. Plus. There’s literally nothing wrong with my 6s Plus. Gonna ride with it until it literally dies.

  17. if ur wondering
    the intro is of a hero in dota 2 when he pulls an enemy with his hook XD

  18. Aren't apple users already getting bamboozled. This is coming an from ex iphone user.

  19. stay strong with my iphone 5s please give me some 🙁

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