But Can Your iPhone 11 Do THIS?!!

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro might be great phones but I think the NEW Samsung Galaxy Fold is the innovation king this year.
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  1. Would you ACTUALLY want a folding phone? even if it was an affordable option?

  2. No it can’t do that and I don’t want it to.

  3. It so not practical even with that high price it not even better than non folding phone

  4. I know you do paid videos Dave but today you said too much man. Be neutral

  5. I hope the Galaxy Fold will sell a lot so the next generation can be cheaper.

  6. To be honest u want be using the front screen for mostly for any thing u rather buy a tablet. the tec is not yet there n to release sumthing just to be the first is not innovations

  7. I wold not want a phone that folds it is cool, but I just don’t like it

  8. Worst intro ever 😂

  9. he kinda look like the Asian version of mr bean lol

  10. Dude video was awesome and the last point "That this phone is not for us" make an impact. Average user 🙂

  11. Looked like a modern double door fridge to me.

  12. I only have the Samsung s9+ it’s a good phone but the edged screen because it sticks out of more cases

  13. Is it just me or does the fold look thinner then I remember from older videos 🤔

  14. “But Can Your iPhone 11 Do tHis?!!”
    2 words:
    User experience

  15. If it was $100 then I'd get it

  16. Innovative? You mean slapped a 3rd camera on a Iphone 10 and Apple users are dumb enough to buy it.

  17. Dont like the outside screen size

  18. All those who's hoping for this to fail secretly wants one. Dont kid yourselves.

  19. wow that crease though!

  20. At $500 I would definitely consider it. At $2k? Not a chance…

  21. Royole has been shipping flexible phone called FlexPai since 2018, far earlier than Samsung.

  22. … I don't like the new opening animation

  23. If they added a pen you could use it for actual productivity and maybe they could set up some of those gimmicky gestures to aid with media management. Also it could become a great way for people to take notes if the product became more refined

  24. Jeez what's with this ugly ass Dave2D intro !! 😑

  25. Ewhhhhhhhhhh. Your intro bro

  26. This is a crap innovation and so is all the iPhone

  27. Galaxy fold with 5.4 inch front display and S pen 😳🔥🔥

  28. Of course, it will eventually break

  29. I like the Huawei version looks more sleek IMO and the future Motorola one they have cleaner design.

  30. Tim Cook is going to buy this just to use as a wallet

  31. Andy tore his scrontum?

  32. Samsung icons are really ugly. Great tech though. 🙂

  33. I just don’t really see the appeal on these type of phones

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