Could This Be My New Laptop? – ThinkPad X390 Review

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31 Comments on “Could This Be My New Laptop? – ThinkPad X390 Review”

  1. Not great. The video was very monotone, but that can be improved.
    What really threw me was the terrible, terrible merch placement. Until now the merch placement weren't that bad. This one however… damn.

  2. What's up with all these people advocating for the nipple? It's just not necessary. I don't even use the thumb thing either, with extensive use of hotkeys and the arrow keys I too can keep my hands on the keyboard much of the time.

  3. Come on laptop manufacturers, come on Lenovo. Year is 2019, mobile is all around in the air. Having WiFi is not enough these days. Data plans are cheap enough. For example in Russia I can get a SIM card with 10 GB per month for 5 bucks, or fully unlimited corporate tarif for 12 per month. You have to think eSIM and physical SIM for every laptop you manufacture as a standard included option. This alone can get you ahead of competition and set trends in the industry. Give it a try….. DO NOT REMOVE TRACK POINT! It is your signature feature. It is one of the selling points, even though most don't use it. Though, you should go back to keyboard used in W520.

  4. The track point in machines that have it is my choise too, it is not just silly and HP offers it too on their high end machines, or offered it up to certain point.
    Track point has no issue with corners of touch pad coming against you so trackpoint like touchpad won't hinder you in drag and drop actions, using scrollbars to scroll text down or many other things where touchpads get repetitious, need more fingers etc. You can claim just thumb is enough with track point but some people need the right click, middle click etc. – It is no mouse but trackpoint is easily more powerful in computer use over time than touchpad.
    Asking it to be removed to cater to you when you have million choices is cruel. It is to ask less variety and less options for market just because you like this laptop BUT. I am not even a fanatic I do not own thinkpads or anything and used them only occasionally when friend handed one over or something like that and trackpoint while feeling clumsy at first, was wonderful when it was not hindered in stuff like drag and drop file moving, configuring machines or whatever else.

  5. I Need help. So i have a HP OMEN Gaming computer with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 and i wanna get a better graphics card but i don't know if it will be safe for my computer im thinking of a GTX 1060 TI Just upgrade a little. If anyone can help it will be much appreciated

  6. The presented thumb-touchpad "solution" is not ergonomic and would never work. The track point is way better than touch pads on most laptops (except maybe for Macbooks) and is better for touch typing if you need to do a mouse operation – you don't need to lift your hands. And even if Thinkpads had the same touch pad as the Macbooks, the track point would still be better for most tasks.

  7. Well I've been using thinkpad for about 6 years and I've never used trackpoint it just wasn't comfortable for me… But I've never seen it as obstacle for comfortabe typing… So if they would remove it I wouldn't mind but I don't really care…

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