Google Smartwatch Patent Reveals Camera Under Display

A Google smartwatch patent surfaced showing a fascinating concept by putting the camera underneath the display.

Google focused its efforts on Wear OS and skipped the smartwatch. The company focused on making phones, and some tablets until not long ago, but they never released a smartwatch. But as we all know, just because they didn’t launch anything, doesn’t mean that they haven’t considered it.

Come to think of it, Google not having a smartwatch on the market seems like e glaring omission, especially since they are making Wear OS, an operating system developed for that specific platform.

It makes sense

The patent unveiled by Let’s Go Digital is an older one and dates back from 2017. It recently expired, and the details became public, but it’s clear that Google has been considering this for a long time.

The option to place a camera underneath the display is only now becoming somewhat feasible, in a way that doesn’t intrude too bad on the display. It would have been an impossible concept a couple of years ago when the technology wasn’t there.

The patent also shows a massive camera under the screen, and not part of the screen, but it’s still impressive. Such a smartwatch would open up some cool options, like the option to take photos and videos without the need of a phone or to engage in video calls.

And to be fair, there are a number of smartwatches our there, from Chinese manufacturers, that already incorporate these kinds of functions. In any case, the fact that the patent expired and that nothing came of it doesn’t mean that Google isn’t still working on a smartwatch. It would be great as a reference device.

Although, it seems that Gear OS smartwatches aren’t all that popular and fell in third place.


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