I'm really sorry I didn't review this sooner… – Oculus Rift S Review

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  1. I owned Rift with Touch and 3 cameras, looked for an upgrade, tried Rift S – shook my head in disbelief of how inside-out tracking is simply fucking terrible and there was no improvement to controllers whatsoever and pulled the trigger on Valve Index instead – best decision I've made when it comes to VR so far.

  2. Please stop with mentioning the merch store and begging for subs in the middle of the video. I'ts REALLY annoying and distracting. Just please fcking stop it.

  3. "Overall positive feelings" My ass!
    You basically contradict yourself the whole video.. This was an *CORSAIR HAS NEW WATER COOLERS* entire waste of my time.
    Seems like an overall negative review, based on "industry hopes" but from where I'm sitting, the frustration has been the HDMI port, the screen door effect.. never that I've been spoiled on better refresh rates.. or that they didn't do it most efficiently per standards available.. really don't matter.
    Who's running VR on a Laptop with no DP port?
    Who's running the specific adapter that Linus happens to be using at the time?
    Who's swapping back and forth between 120hz and 80hz?
    9/10 Actual VR *SQUARESPACE IS BOOOOOMBBB* Consumers would disagree with you on this review.

  4. A Facebook developed technology placing many cameras in your house, named after the antagonist project in one of the better Marvel movies that was based around being able to observe everyone all the time.

    … Hail HYDRA, I guess!

  5. Even with lower price, it's business. They need to sell it step by step, instead of best possible hardware (100-120hz, preferably in OLED).

  6. Ok Linus I know you probably won't read this cos you were one busy busy man but I refused you ever buy a VR headset that doesn't have Inside Out tracking I cannot stand those cameras you have to set up it's ridiculous and until the day comes that valve release is a headset that has cameras on it that'll be the day I finally buy something other than Oculus

  7. Tip: The Rift S tracking system allows you to turn 180% as your base position. This way the cable will drop behind you and will be a lot less annoying.

  8. Ive had to buy 2 different Rift S’s due to the fact the controllers stopped tracking about every 5 minutes, googled the issue & its a know issue & its almost like youre playing a lottery where a lot of people get the issue and some dont. Emailed Oculus & all they could do is tell me to return it and try buying another one both times

  9. so we still aren't quite there with VR gaming? I've been eagerly awaiting a product that ticks all the boxes but it looks like the wait will continue a while longer.

  10. I still think I'm gonna buy one. £800+ was always too much for me for something that would be a gimmick and toy, I don't see myself sitting down and playing games with VR for hours at a time, but £400 to experience it is still expensive, but it seems a big step up from the crappy phone VR systems and PSVR, I think its worth a punt at this price point./

  11. Honestly computers as a hobby is dirty cheap vs cars and can arguably be more fun toys to play with for some, so when cost gets brought up as being prohibitive i laugh lol

  12. Why don’t you actually play games that really test the screen resolution like DCS Combat flight simulator as this is what 1000’s of people actually use VR for. Also why haven’t you reviewed the HP reverb as this is one of the top resolution VR headsets out there

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