iOS 13 Breaks Down Some of the Most Popular iPhone Games Right Now

iOS 13 is here with so many improvements, including a dark theme and everything, but on the other hand, it’s also here with so many problems that are caused on iPhones where it’s installed.

One of these problems isn’t necessarily related to a bug that iOS 13 comes with, but to an unfortunate implementation of the new text-editing gesture that Apple introduced in the update.

iOS 13 allows users to fire up some text editing options, such as undo, copy, and paste, with a three-finger gesture on the screen.

At first glance, this is all nice and easy, but at the same time, it also causes problems on iPhones used for playing games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Because such games themselves come with a three-finger gesture required for certain actions, so when doing it on the screen, gamers end up seeing the text-editing options.

Fix already on its way

Since Apple hasn’t implemented a way to disable the gesture in iOS 13, there’s not much gamers can do right now, other than not update their iPhones to this new version. Which of course, isn’t the most convenient thing to do, not to mention that for those who already updated their devices it’s way too late.

On the other hand, the good news is that both game developers and Apple are aware of this problem and apparently working on a fix.

In other words, what Apple wants to do is allow the three-finger text-editing gesture to only work when it’s needed. This means that should you activate the gesture in games, the text-editing options wouldn’t fire up, letting the game instead to choose how to respond.

Apple is projected to release iOS 13.1 as soon as this week, and hopefully, a fix for this gaming problem would be included as well.

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