iPhone 11 cases: What you can get right now

Last year Apple called its lower-cost current-generation iPhone the “XR,” but this year’s comparable model gets the dignity of simply being called the “iPhone 11.” Case makers already have a pile of cool cases ready to go mere minutes after Apple’s announcement, and here we’ve compiled some of the standout models we know about for your convenience.

One note: We haven’t actually had a chance to handle many of these cases, so we don’t know how well they fit. Prior to an iPhone launch, case makers are usually working with schematics or dummy units, so occasionally you’ll find buttons that don’t properly line up once you slip them on the bonafide phone.

After we get more of these in, we’ll retool this story into a “best of” article that identifies all our favorite models in each category. At the moment, this is just a list of good cases that we know are available, and we’ll keep adding to this as we learn about more.

Now that that’s out of the way, though, let’s jump in.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Case (iPhone 11)

Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Case(iPhone 11)

Price: $10.99

Colors: Clear

Highlights: If you want a clear case, but you don’t want to spend $39 on Apple’s own version, consider getting Spigen’s supremely affordable variety. The buttons are reinforced for quick responsiveness and the single, flexible piece of TPU used for the overall case is designed so it doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case (iPhone 11)

smartish kung fu grip iphone 11

Price: $11.99

Colors: Black Tie Affair; Purple Reign; Blues on the Green; Nothin’ to Hide and Flavor of the Month

Most of the cases we’ve covered here are pretty pricey. But the Kung Fu Grip from Smartish? It’s only 12 bucks. And for that you’ll get a grippy textured exterior as well as protective air pockets that help cushion the corners of your device in the event of a fall. It’s a simple case, but it looks like a winner for the price. If you’re looking for more options, Smartish also has some affordable variations with built-in wallets or grippy edges.

Grip2ü Slim Case with grip band (iPhone 11)

grip2u slim case iphone 11 pro max

Price: $24.99

Colors: Beetlejuice, West Point metallic, urban camo, charcoal, clear, ice

Highlights: Here’s a cool slim case that recalls Michael Keaton’s outfit from the 1988 movie Beetlejuice, although you can get it in five other designs as well. Grip2ü’s cases look stylish, but even better, they all have a built-in grip band on the back. Slip your hand through it, and you’ll be much less likely to drop your phone. The case is reportedly “light as a feather,” too.

Razer Archtech Slim Case

razer arctech iphone 11

Price: $39.99

Colors: Black, quartz, and mercury

Highlights: Razer is known for its flashy PC gaming peripherals, but it’s extending its recognizable brand of neon-green style to the iPhone with this case. You might like the Arctech even if you’re not into gaming, though, as it uses Razer’s “Thermaphene” tech to cool off your phone when it’s getting too hot from…


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