iPhone 11 Won’t Get Slower as Fast as Its Predecessors

Battery degradation is something that sooner or later still happens, and until now, phone manufacturers have been struggling to find a way to fight it in an attempt to reduce the impact on their devices.

Apple, in particular, has suffered a lot due to battery degradation, mostly because it poorly managed the moment when it should have told its customers about the performance slowdown that it causes.

Back in December 2017, Apple admitted that it deliberately slowed down iPhones to reduce the effects of worn-out batteries, only that it forgot to tell people when this happened.

Because the Cupertino-based tech giant wants all the headaches not to come back anymore it developed a new power management system for the iPhone 11 series that works dynamically.

What this means is that it monitors how the power is needed and used and it configures the management accordingly, technically being able to reduce degradation in a much more effective way than before.

Dynamic power management

On paper, this sounds just perfect, but in reality, all batteries will lose their capacity over time. The good thing, however, is that in the case of the iPhone 11, the whole thing would happen much slower.

“iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max power needs are dynamically monitored, and performance is managed so that it can address these needs in real time. The system is more advanced than previous iPhone battery and power management systems and allows your iPhone to reduce performance impacts from battery aging,” Apple says in a support document.

How much is going to take for a battery to require replacement on the iPhone 11 is something that depends on a lot of factors, including usage patterns and recharging cycles. But at first glance, Apple has just made a major step towards addressing this problem, albeit I think that stepping beyond the world of lithium-ion is what would help make it history once and for all.

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