Is Apple FINALLY the Best for Gaming? – WAN Show Sept 27, 2019

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  1. What's the intro song pleeaase?

  2. Those robots are scary. Time to invent my anti-robot tech.

  3. Best watched at 2x speed.

  4. Those chairs are horrible. Gaming chairs are bad enough, RGB on it makes it even worse.

  5. great job you guys, well done. can we retire the other two chumps =p

  6. Gaming is for relaxing not for maximal day use. If you want your 20s and maybe 30s spend by gaming than do it but realise that life wil continu and you will grow older until you cant do the things you wanted realy do in your days you still had the energy for it. Be afraid for the things you didn’t did in the past becouse you can’t change the past. You can only visualise your future and be in now

  7. I had a whole bag of ghost pepper before and had an upset stomach for like 3 hours

  8. Prions scare me.

  9. Great intro music!

  10. Anthony in WAN show? That's new – but good 🙂

  11. I do BOINC…. Welp, time to fold on my 3600.

  12. Remember kids, dont eat yellow snow. In fact, dont eat white snow either, boil it first.

  13. When did Linus get so big and Luke so little?

  14. iPhone screens are still a measly 60hz :/

  15. apple was always best for gaming

  16. The Oneplus is cheaper and on par with the Iphone every release. Also why are you talking about fucking mobile gaming as gaming? Your channel is turning into pure garbage I swear. How about go back and suck AMD cock some more and tell us all how you're an Intel fanboy up until the release, cause we're stupid and can't see through your bullshit

  17. Anthony also has been Jailbreaking his iPhones as well what doesn't this man do…..
    TLDR for Jailbreak things:
    – Cydia was shutdown because Saurik the creator of Cydia aka Jailbreaking for the most part got sick of the community a few years ago.
    – This Boot ROM exploit will change the Field of JBing entirely as more eyes are put on the community more will be created to profit from said community and I can't wait to see what comes of this.
    – Also U can simply create a website or an app that will let u download the latest IPSW aka the file u get from Apple to update to a certain firmware. And u can then continually resign your JB indefinitely if u want more info go check out @Pwn20wnd's Twitter for updates on JB things fyi he made his own Jailbreak for all of iOS 11.0 through to iOS 12.4 a massive feat because it covers EVERY DEVICE but the new ones.

    Hes great at what he does and u guys should see it.

  18. Too serious, give me back linus and luke

  19. 40:30 why are you worried about being demonetized? Society should have your back…

  20. 40:18 you are a pet for rich people. but you wanted it because you live in a pretend society backstabbing individuals.

  21. as someone that played all the harvest moons i would say n64 is better and the PS havestmoon is load times city and not as good as 64

  22. I want a t-shirt that says “Anthony uses iOS – it just works”. 😄

  23. Sounds to me Android is still cancer and Apple option is better.

  24. love wuching adds for stuff i cant buy in aus

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