Let’s Talk About That $699 iPhone 11

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Before the iPhone 11 evaluation, let’s speak about that cheaper $699 price ticket.

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47 Comments on “Let’s Talk About That $699 iPhone 11”

  1. Do you think this marks a shift in Apple's plan?
    I REALLY like this price tag. It's still an expensive phone but I think Apple is finally paying attention to the market.

  2. Ummmm economics… lower price = larger # of buyers… apple definitely crunched the numbers and determined that the Lower price would achieve greater profits than the higher price with fewer buyers

  3. 50$ x 26 million… dude, thats not how it works… -_-
    the BOM cost of the new phone is most likely a lot lower, and they can sell MORE units, so overall they figured out they can make MORE money by selling it cheaper. do you really think apple is stupid and just throws away money??? and youre smarter than them and know better?

  4. "Android Users" nope I don't care apple still sucks
    And for those who have a iphone Xs and want reasons to upgrade here it is,A Good Battery Life,A new powerful chipset,Updated Camera,New Design
    Hope that's worth upgrading!🤑

  5. Apple's sudden change in pricing shows that the market for low cost high performance market has shaken them. And iphones tend to fare better in sustaining good performance long term. In the end really good for the lower to mid range consumers.

  6. They aren’t leaving any money on the table. A lower cost simply shifts the demand curve. I’m sure they have in house economists who have studied the demand curve in great detail.

  7. They didn't necessarily leave that "money on the table". The major assumption is that they would sell the volume of phones with the lower price. Based on consumer price sensitivity, they could potentially sell more to offset the lower price. Potentially.

  8. The fact that they still only come with 64 gigs in the base model almost forces you to spend the extra $50 to move up to the 128 gig model where their profit margin is higher. I think from a marketing perspective it was smart to lower the price because that sticks in most people's heads. Recording one minute of 4K video takes up between 350 and 400 MB. With around 50 gigs of available storage after OS and apps, you only have about 30 – 35 minutes of recording storage.

    what truly would have been ground breaking is if they had lowered the price AND increased the storage. 64 gigs of storage in 2019 is insulting. Hopefully the 2020 iphones will give us real world useable storage amounts and 5G. I am doing a hard pass on this gen

  9. I love Dave's videos, but this is a very naive analysis. Revenue is quantity times price, and lowering the price will increase quantity sold. By how much? That's what economists called "elasticity of demand": how many more units will I sell if I drop the price by one dollar. I'm pretty sure that Apple did the research and they're convinced that they will sell enough units to maintain (or increase) revenue. I do agree that there are some other factors at play, and definitely selling cheaper phones to increase services revenue is a big one.

  10. Apple, doing what it does best which is milk its users… the reason for the cheaper price is to entice people to grab one and then release a new "generation" device (aka a different design) next time around (next year) again making people want to upgrade.

  11. Much Respect to you and your work! Break Showing up late to the party is …._.._…. Selling Old Tech is ….. The baseline phone is Old Wine with an extra camera lens… It is still Old .. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is …..

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