Microsoft’s Sticky Notes Gets a Long-Needed Update

Microsoft has released a new update for Sticky Notes, bringing the app to version 3.7 and rolling out a series of welcome improvements for those using it on a daily basis.

For example, Sticky Notes 3.7 comes reintroduces Ink Analysis, a feature that was previously hit by a major bug in an older version.

“Ink Analysis is back! There was a bad bug preventing you from getting ink insights and handwriting analysis, but we squashed it,” Microsoft explains in the official changelog (which you can find in full at the end of the article).

Under-the-hood improvements

Additionally, this new version of Sticky Notes improves insights, a feature that pushes the app beyond its standard functionality by letting you do more advanced stuff, like setting reminders in Cortana, tracking a flight right within a note, and sending an email straight from the main UI.

“Insights is better than ever! We did a bunch of bug fixing and improvements, including remembering insights across sessions and even remembering them when you go offline,” the changelog also reads.

Sticky Notes 3.7 also features further text selection improvements, as well as a bunch of other fixes, improvements, and accessibility refinements.

Sticky Notes has become a surprisingly popular app, and Microsoft’s efforts to improve it certainly paid off lately. In addition to the standard note-taking functionality, Sticky Notes also comes with syncing through Microsoft accounts, pen support, and a dark mode. More recently, Sticky Notes arrived on Android as part of Microsoft Launcher, technically making it possible to take your notes with you wherever you go, as long as the same Microsoft account is being used on a PC and Android device.

The new Sticky Notes version is available from the Microsoft Store, and you need to install it right now to get all the aforementioned improvements.

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