New iPhone: When NOT to buy Technology

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  1. Who chooses your upload titles? Because you've had a few super clickbaity titles lately and I wonder if someone isn't aware that you guys stated you aren't going to do clickbait anymore.

  2. @Linus Tech Tips, and where do you think Apple gets their memory from? Samsung and or Toshiba. Since Samsung larger than Apple they won't have a problem supplying them with VNAD chips.

  3. Me is an avid anti-Apple advocate.
    Me reads title.
    Me is triggered.

    Me realises he fell for the simplest clickbait of them all.
    Me is even more triggered.
    Me mad!!!! Me smash!!!!

    Me need a new smart phone…

  4. Keep my 3 year old 300$ htc that works perfectly fine, or spend 1500$ to buy the new iphone?
    Hmmm tough choice. The iphone can do so much more than my htc, like… you know. It can…
    Wait… it can't do jack shit that my htc can't, talking about jack, it doesn't even have a fucking jack xD
    Plus, a company that is that scammy and had such a piece of shit as steve jobs as boss, well, i'll never give my money to apple 😉
    Even if they were the last ones to make phones.

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