OnePlus 7T – A Tougher Choice

Dave2D review of the OnePlus 7T. The cheapest smartphone from OnePlus so far this year. Is this the perfect smartphone for you?
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44 Comments on “OnePlus 7T – A Tougher Choice”

  1. things i need to have on my phone if i am paying $600+
    1.decent-pretty good display
    2.great camera,flagship grade
    3.good performance gimmicky features,(looking at you 99% of Chinese brands)
    aaanndd this shit sucks man,i mean phone that costs flagship price that doesn't have flagship grade camera,,ehhh I don't really care about 90hz,my monitor is 144hz but i only need that when i am playing multiplayer games that are very fast paced,and mobile gaming is just laughably bad,and display quality itself is not that great in this one,so fuck it, I'd much rather buy the iphone 11,no I'm tired of these shitty android phones, iOS feels so much smoother,if you use ios at 30hz it would feel smoother than android at 240hz

  2. Macro shots are already there on Huawei phones. But these Youtubers just don't seem to consider them. Also the camera bump looks better than any other Oneplus phones. You only need to look at the finishing given to the camera bump. Huge dislike for these video.

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