Petabyte Project is FULL! Time to upgrade…

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Petabyte Project is FULL! Time to upgrade... 1
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  1. Critically low? Less than 5%? This should have happened sooner! I thought you guys knew loading drives like that is only going to reduce life, especially with SSDs?

    Seems a little dodgy for a company of this size. Maybe not so bad when whole room water cooling was a thing..risky, cool… But not something that would destroy the company history lol

  2. There was no need to re-insert drives in the same slots. ZFS will automatically take care of swaps for you as each drive is internally labelled with a UUID. You can mix and match drives in any slots and let ZFS sort it out for you.

  3. Say, how everoften i see your setup, my former economy/informatics teacher pops up in my head. You are a Media company, you know your data equals the value of you company. But ur setup tells me data security is not a high priority. It just baffles me, this is the fist of rule i got told yearly ((revenue/per year)/100) * risk assesment = yearly investment into your IT. I dont see that with your approach, i would like to know and learn how you asses how to manage this.

  4. Wow the power/Sata cabling is janky. You really want it pcb based or at least easily accessible cable assembly to replace. Is there a space concern under that? If there's some freedom you should make some conduits or channelling.

    That frame for sata connectors are janky also. Probably can use your lazer cutter to make some more modulus frames, instead of each row maybe every 4 drives etc.

  5. Great video.. keen to build myself a NAS very soon..
    Just a quick shout out to “Dawid does tech stuff”
    He’s a huge LLT fanboy and does some great vids and is real entertaining

    Check him out here vvv

    Cheers guys.. great vid 👌

  6. This why we use Adaptec 2274900-R controllers. You attach the drives, tell the master controller what kind of RAID you're building, approve the drives being added to the RAID, and they work. Also, the controller builds and extends RAIDs faster than anything else I've ever seen, sometimes by orders of magnitude. 2GB per second isn't bad, but I've seen 8-10.

    "But what happens if the controller dies?" You shut your damned mouth! 😂 Yeah, that can be a scary prospect, but that's the only real downside (aside from the controllers costing $600 each), and why you use multiple controllers.

  7. “We’ve replaced everything, the cable, the hard drive, the controller – and it’s still not working” Hits way too close to home, been trying to fix an airplane at work for over a week and its going pretty much the same way 😛

  8. You know you can buy these servers just pre-built, working/supported, by various top-end vendors – Cisco's S3260, HPE's Apollo range etc – you're doing nothing remotely new or groundbreaking, you're just creating a support-headache for yourselves in the future. To be fair I shouldn't expect any more, your datacenter design and management practices have been laughably-poor forever, you seem quite happy to just carry on hacking about.

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