ROG Phone II – The Final Version is HERE! (Classic Unboxing)

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ROG Phone II - The Final Version is HERE! (Classic Unboxing) 1
ROG Phone II - The Final Version is HERE! (Classic Unboxing) 2
ROG Phone II - The Final Version is HERE! (Classic Unboxing) 3
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48 Comments on “ROG Phone II – The Final Version is HERE! (Classic Unboxing)”

  1. This is way better than all the stupid flagships now a days. It has a headphone jack, top specs, good battery etc. This and the xperia one are the only no compromise flagships now it seems.

  2. what games are we gonna play with rog phone ? skyrim ? witcher 3 ? lmfao, rest of games on playstore are garbage and can be played on maxed settings with 300 dollars asus phones. pokemon fire red and leaf green and many ps1 games on emulators are even far more better than playstore games. pubg is great. only the developer banned players using console attached to phone. like this is how it is to be played. play using fingers on screen is pretty slow and uncomfortable. all games developers on phones needs to consider this.

  3. I don't forgive micro SD slot absence because if something happens to the system which is in a separate partition(but still on the same chip!) it's probably gonna fuck up all the internal memory, so having an SD card(literally a separate chip on an other location on the phone) to put most of your stuff inside is always better for the safety of my data, i will never, ever unless it's a matter of life and death buy a phone without a micro SD slot.

  4. But phones games are shit, especially Android due to micro-stuttering (or generally not as smooth as iOS) and lack of proper controls (both platforms) as they're touchscreens. Snap-on controllers are often rubbish, they're hassle to carry around and most games rarely support all the controller features properly anyway.

  5. I mean. the greatest feature of this phone is if you root it and turn off/delete all the bloatware, you'd actually have a phone that would do 3-4 days between charges. though with that said. Remember the days when a single charge meant a phone lasting all week between charges? 😂😂

  6. "a little bit of forgivness" because it has 512gb. my smartphone has 4gb with 16gb sd and i'm happy with it as long as it works…. in my eyes you could do some serious productive work on that monster you're holding

  7. ohh onehella so frkn lame lazy vdo with all the hassling of that accesories!!! ohgosh still m wonder wats all that after watching this…n m sure the price must b whoopppingly high

  8. U must hate Rog a lot cuz u kept thinking to urself of FFS these cunts keep having firmware updates and that armoury mode really fucked u off lol. Calm down there being unique compared to other phones. U got this fucking whole case for free!!!

  9. The Note 10 does not have sound on display technology. The note has a slit in the top of the screen to let the sound out FROM the speaker. Additionally Samsung has an additional port on top of the phone next to the sim tray that releases sound. Additionally the bottom firing speaker is still there on the note next to the USB C Port.

  10. I've been shopping for some PC parts, like a motherboard, and I've noticed that ROG branding has the opposite of a desired effect on me. If I see something with ROG I know it's probably going to have an okay warranty due to popularity, but also know that it's going to have some trashy aesthetic and a ton of crap I'd rather be without.

  11. Why hasn't he learned to capture phone footage rather than us looking over his shoulder from a distance. I think it's because it would eat into Linus' screen time, and therefore his ego.

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