Samsung Shows iPhone 11 Fans Why They’ll Drool After a Galaxy Note 10

If you’re Samsung, what better moment to release a new ad for your top model other than the day when your biggest rival goes on sale?

Apple officially started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 11 earlier today, so Samsung has come up with a new ad that shows what you’re going to drool after if you buy the device.

Samsung’s new commercial, which is called “Focus on what matters with Live Focus on the Galaxy Note10,” more or less mocks Apple for not having a key feature that its device obviously has.

While I won’t dig in too much in the ad because I don’t want to provide any spoilers, the feature that Samsung is talking about is the live video Bokeh effect, which users can adjust while they are recording. Needless to say, this feature isn’t available on the iPhone 11, and truth be told, you shouldn’t expect the Cupertino-based company to add it anytime soon.

Live Focus Video exclusive to the Note10

Many iPhone users will obviously say they don’t really need such a feature, but after trying it out on the Galaxy Note10, I can tell you not only that this feature is super-exciting to use, but it really helps create high-quality videos with an artistic touch.

For the time being, the Live Focus Video feature on the Galaxy Note10 is exclusive to this model, albeit sooner or later, the South Korean phone manufacturer could bring it to other devices as well. This is something that Samsung sometimes does, as it keeps a new feature exclusive to its latest models, only to bring it to older devices at a later time.

You can watch Samsung’s new ad embedded below, and let us know if such an attempt can really make you change your mind and get a Note10 instead of an iPhone 11.

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