SELLING STEAM games!? – WAN Show Sept 20, 2019

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SELLING STEAM games!? - WAN Show Sept 20, 2019 1
SELLING STEAM games!? - WAN Show Sept 20, 2019 2
SELLING STEAM games!? - WAN Show Sept 20, 2019 3
SELLING STEAM games!? - WAN Show Sept 20, 2019 4
SELLING STEAM games!? - WAN Show Sept 20, 2019 5

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  1. Timestamps:

    0:23 Topic rundown
    1:13 Intro
    2:08 Steam case background
    7:25 Steam case "heats up"
    26:22 UFD Tech returning to the USA
    30:30 Sponsor Squarespace
    31:22 Sponsor Honey
    32:10 Sponsor Seasonic
    32:57 YouTube verified badges smashed
    33:24 Floatplane updates
    35:41 YouTube verified badges smashed
    49:40 Facebook Supreme Court soon to be in session (also tech companys' countries)
    56:53 Linus's pitch to Luke (Trello)
    1:01:31 LTT Store shipping update
    1:05:56 Huawei confirms Mate 30 will use open source Android
    1:07:55 Quackborts
    1:09:00 Sponsor SUPERCHATS

  2. Some story driven games pull me back in for a second play-through – similar to watching a good movie again.

    Some other story games that I've not been sure about buying I've just watched a stream and then not bothered to buy it. So what effect does streaming have on these types of games?

  3. I think reselling games would be viable for yearly released sports games like fifa or nba. when i buy the latest version then the previous version is useless for me and the developers are also not encouraging the sale of the previous version.

  4. American hospitals do indeed charge you for food. It's beyond ballpark prices at $10 for a single Jello.
    $6 for the nurse to hand it to you. They even charge you for the "clean" oxygen you breath while staying there.

  5. I was about to give Linus a message of dissaproval when I couldn't find a video regarding the situation with UFD Tech. But then I saw this video was put out recently, and I must say that Linus and his team are still amongst my favorite internet "celebrities".

  6. We didn't pay a penny for our kids births here in the US. We have insurance that covered it all. You either pay for it in taxes or through insurance. At least with insurance you have control over the investment and the kind of coverage and cost. And in Florida with no state tax we still have some of the best hospitals around. Adventhealth hospital has been growing throughout Florida and we've always gotten great treatment from them. They are not for profit. When I went in for chest pains they immediately started an EKG and set me up for 3 days of testing. But, a for profit hospital, owned by a group of doctors, had me sit in the waiting room while having chest pains for 45 mins. Adventhealth has expanded to my area now and they are already changing the medical culture here. So, there is a reason they are coming to Florida for treatment. Not the UK. Not Canada. The US and to Florida. Free or cheap isn't better. Wasn't that the point of the whole Steam resale argument. Things cost money. The less invested in it the slower the development and innovation. I want to see as much development in medical as in the tech sector.

  7. As someone who plays very little online and games mostly single player, I'd hate it if people could sell their games. Steam sales are already being affected by the return policy. And the fun events and super cheap flash sales in the middle of Steam summer, fall and winter sales are now gone because these same complainers forced refunds on Steam. As far as only playing a single player game once and not again, that definitely doesn't apply to me. Just like a great movie or TV episode, I come back to it and play it again a year later or sometimes a few months later. ARMA 2 and 3, any Tomb Raider games, even the classic X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance or Lucas Arts games I enjoy replaying. I've played Battlefront 2's single player campaign twice now in less than a year. The Crysis games are another I've enjoyed replaying and the list goes on. I have 486 games on Steam alone but I end up playing them like an arcade, jumping from game to game when I'm in the mood for an array of gaming experiences. But, I always return to the same Single Player story driven games more than any other. Deus Ex series is another one I enjoy playing multiple times. For me, the story in a game is just as important as the gameplay. I want to live the adventure.

  8. As much as I don't like restrictions, easily reselling steam games just isn't sustainable for single use games. Some early adopters will buy it and then it's just used from there on out. A used disc could be scratched or have a beat up case missing the manual, but a digital key is always exactly the same no matter where it comes from so few people will take the initial hit of buying new.

  9. First of all even when games were still on disks, but dlc's were code redeemable. So if you had Mass Effect 2 with all the dlc's and sold me the disk i wouldn't get the dlc. Also the disk might be scratched or warped.

    Steam should allow the resale of games, without dlc and also introduce a random scratch variable. If you buy a used game sometimes steam will just kick you out or delete your save files.

  10. Wait.. so I won't be able to play Rockstar's games, which are riddled with microtransactions, gambling mechanics, and griefing, unless I submit to using yet another game launcher designed around pushing even more of a companies exploitative shit-tier moneygrab products at me… Gee I sure don't want to miss out! lol

  11. The logic here, you don't ask for your money back from a meal after it passing your taste buds … why should you get money back for spending alot of time in their product if you enjoyed it? steams method of 2 hours is acceptable.

  12. For starters, 20% to the platform(a little part for steam for being the middle man and a part for the developers) in the reselling to maintain their gains a little, with the possibility of givin it for free outside the platform to a friend or selling in other places like amazon, ebay or something.

    That would be a good way to go, it might damage or make it hard but it also incentivate creators to do a better job and well more jobs v:
    More games, to lower prices now and them to beat the resselers

    And free games may come with a clause that you cant resell without the platforms (that gave it for free) consent or something, after all changing the market wont break it, for instance, it was different when digital copies started but we addapted and was for the best why cant we do it again!?
    Fear of games like rock simulator dissapearing!? Or developers putting an extra effort!? If thats the problem then make it only sellable after a year of the launch or after owning it for a year or a few months..
    Could be aclause you sign when you buy and trully needs to accept so you can't cry later
    After all its their platform, you are just a user.
    You cant demand them to lose just for you to gain something and be abble to abuse the system..

    Anything works if you make it right, accessible and fair to All sides..

  13. Maybe the solution is for Steam to sell both transferable, and non-transferable licenses.
    The former being many times the price of the latter; rather like commercial software does with retail Vs OEM licensing.
    To adhere to this judgement, they could then elevate all prior-sold licenses to be transferable. A big hit to be sure, but only a one-off liability.
    Steam could even use such a licensing partition as a means of competing with 3rd party key resellers. "You only 'own' your games if you buy them direct from Steam"

  14. I think Steam have shot themselves in the foot as both their website & pc client refer to the games in your library as licenses.
    "Home > Account > Licenses and product key activations"
    If it's a license, it should naturally be resaleable.

    Can the terms of Steam's service license supersede this right? I don't think so.

    I hope it doesn't go that way though; it'll drive publishers even further towards the 'games as a service' model.
    Eventually leading to the death of single player games, as their necessarily higher shelf prices (to offset the greater resale demand) will make them uncompetitive Vs their multiplayer counterparts.

  15. Why do you look at video game industry different than the pc industry or vehicle industry for that matter? If you build a pc then sell it a year or two later at a good price and build another doesn’t hurt the pc component market bc you are still buying those new parts, if you sell your five year old vehicle to buy a new car doesn’t hurt the vehicle industry bc you’re still buying a new vehicle, you are actually helping the less fortunate to have something at a decent price bc it’s used but still usable

  16. Only good subscription service is Humble Bundle monthly. You get to keep the games and if you are scummy enough you can sell them on G2A or where ever you like so you can get some money back from the monthly subscription.

    P.S. there is no point in buying games on the launch games. 90% of the time they are buggy and they do not provide enough content and quality for the price they are asking.

  17. 4:35 – I thought that in order to be a subscriber, one has to be giving a monthly fee to the company for a service that is provided on a monthly basis.
    As far as I know that is what subscribing means. — I bet someone can win a court case, if they can prove to the judge that they are not in a subscription service,
    because it entails giving money on a monthly basis to the company.
    So basically steam is saying that people don't own any of their games, and if you get closed out of steam you lose thousands of dollars in games
    I'm So glad that many of these games force players to sign up for an account in a 3rd party website.
    Can you imagine someone paying over 20 grand or more in games on steam in their lifetime, and one day that person is banned on steam, can you imagine how they would freak out?

  18. id like to see this for any software owned games like if you were to buy a game on xbox, playstation, nintendo or elsewhere on pc like orgin or what ever platform. I have a ton of games on xbox that i bought digitally since you have to download every game anyway even if you have the disk. So i just bought digital not thinking about resale

  19. Everyone "forgot" about the Amazon burning because it was a false narrative. The burning were on average from the previous 10 years. And it was mostly farms in the region anyway.

  20. Macro transactions and this live service model is also not sustainable you can only play so many of them you only have so much time in the day. The fact of the matter is t his is actually more unsustainable then the old product driven model. But let's be honest here our entire economy is unsustainable it's all short term profit fuck the consequences down the line. This is also why the Games Industry is on the verge of government regulation short term greed has overtaken self regulation.

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