The CHEAPEST 144Hz Gaming Monitors on Amazon!

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  1. Your Segways are…wait for it….LEGENDARY

  2. 15:50 I thought it was normal not reading the text when moving it around.

  3. i paid $450 for my 32 inch 1440p 144hz monitor

  4. Hkc m24g3f is better 144hz with Freesync and Gsync it's very popular in PHILIPPINES.The price su 147$ 27' inch monitor

  5. Awaiting for a more useful video..the last ones were not very informative

  6. 0:34 Linus Bringing out the Flex again

    Me an Intellectual:I hope he doesn't drop his next PC build.

  7. I love the curve

  8. korean ones? it's european

  9. ziplock bag with cable, proceeds to tear it open instead oof.

  10. Ever heard of HKC and SpecterPro?

  11. Sucks, none of those Sceptre's are available in Europe.

  12. Most of Europe also uses the same outlet

  13. I got the C24 for $129 on amazon day or something. Solid high refresh rate monitor imo!

  14. I don't know why I'm watching this when I afford to buy a $400+ monitor. It's interesting though.

  15. this one was good. bravo linux. ah i mean linus.

  16. Included screwdriver is an environmental no-no.

  17. I have a $80 spectre monitor and it works great
    Also it’s not a septre

  18. Do a qhd version next

  19. Bro, the LG HDMI cable was in a zip lock bag that you tore open from the bottom lmao…Thanks for the info, I've been eyeing the Sceptre

  20. Honestly that is soo nice, i posted a comment like a week ago regarding montiors and that i needed one ,😂

  21. id like to see if the power supply that plugged into the power outlet on the scepter monitor rised in heat when pushing it to 240hz compared to its 144hz setting. hmmmmmm

  22. Wasn't that an European plug at the Newsync monitor?

  23. please do 27" monitors

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  25. All this and me playing games at 2k resolution with 4k monitor at 60 hz, well it kind of HERTZ

  26. I love those Sceptre monitors, only because I have a Sceptre 32 Inch TV in my room.

  27. did i miss something or is monitor overclocking safe now? O.o

  28. No blurbuster test ?

  29. What about aoc c24g1? Is it best buy for its price?

  30. A full Wefrund. Nice.

  31. Isn’t va horrible due to ghosting ?

  32. If you can get a 1440p Mbest 27" IP-VA 144hz monitor for under $240.00 new??? Get it. Already had great reviews on you tube and I have one. Do your research before listening to this guy. It's not that hard to do the research. There are plenty of other sites that just do monitor reviews. Just don't take his word for it. Research it yourself.

  33. LG has that "bobble head toys" feature included in their design – even better with a wobbly desk…

  34. xD just got my 144hz moniter from prism+ 😀

  35. I disagree, Bump up the resolution a bit and turn down your settings, now that is a better experience. 1080p is done.

  36. CE is Europe only, approved for "Conformité Européenne":

  37. Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  38. Hey! It's not about the size. It's how you use it 😉

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