The LAST Keyboard You'll Ever Need for $50 – G.Skill KM360 Review

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40 Comments on “The LAST Keyboard You'll Ever Need for $50 – G.Skill KM360 Review”

  1. To the ppl losing their chill in the comments… "gold standard" in this context means the benchmark by which others are compared.

    Like them or not, as a staple feature of high quality keyboards for DECADES, we use Cherry MX switches as a point of reference to describe products that are both better and worse.

    I agree we could have worded it better, but the pitchforks were an overkill solution :p

  2. And here i am rocking alps switches from the 90's… yep this video is not targeted to me..
    Also proves some other points that audiophiles have been struggling with for years where if you get a bunch of people that don't know any better to run your test then your results will be inconclusive.
    Same thing as wine testing. its all down to taste and your all wrong.

  3. Imo, cherry housings are good, but all their stems are terrible. It's only meeting a gold standard because they're the most mass produced and isn't compared to almost any other switch. Clone switches shouldn't even be mentioned in my opinion

  4. Kailh Box Jade/Navy for me. Cherry while still decent is not the king any more. The times when an automatic assumption that's not cherry is worse have passed. Sure there are worse but there's plenty better ones. And using terminology gold standard as a benchmarking reference would be as to compare CPU coolers and take stock cooler as a gold standard. Just because it's the thing that they are measured against does not mean what gold standard implies.

  5. LOL, I still use an old Compaq keyboard that has the windows 3.1 logo on it, its built like a tank and has fell off my bed literally 1000's of times over the years and hasn't fell apart or broken like a cheap modern keyboard….old shit for the win!, i also don't like the way some of the "switch" keyboards feel or sound, I personally feel their marketed toward the same type of young people that are likely to put the loudest and most obnoxious ear splitting exhaust on their Honda Civic that they can find.

  6. That keyboard is rubbish right out of the box. Wait even in the box. Im left handed and a numpad and anti ghost and rollover on every key on the right side is mandatory. So nope not a keyboard thats even usable.

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