The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built – pt 1

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The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built - pt 1 1
The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built - pt 1 2
The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built - pt 1 3
The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built - pt 1 4
The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built - pt 1 5

43 Comments on “The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built – pt 1”

  1. Is it just me or do these "quick" ad's they've been slipping into the middle of the videos incredibly cringe and off putting. Just breaks the whole flow of the video.

  2. Omg I never had so many likes on a comment before thx (referring to other comment) the only thing I like from apple is the cheaper iPads fuck there higher prices tho HEY APPLE WAKE UP UR GARBAGE MY COMPUTER I BUILT IS FASTER THAN UR 5K TOWER MINE RAN ME 1.6K TO BUILD AND UPGRADE TO I9 9900K

  3. I thought I've seen this case lurking in a few recent videos… Really interested to see how this build turns out. I recently inherited a G5 chassis and I'm going to convert it and make a workstation out of it.

  4. I have one old big Mac Pro G5 box ( just like yours ) still keep it because every couple of mounts I want to make Hackintosh. Still in the basement, because when I see all the modifications, I need to do as hardware placement, mounting it to the box, backplane, cooling …etc ….

    When you are going to make the hackintosh ?
    – Soon
    – How soon
    – Sonn soon

    Other cool project is Macvaritum ( that's why i still keep my old eMac one day it will become a fish home )

  5. This case is terrible and also looks awful with everything upside down and the power supply in the middle mounted on it's side…Why not just buy a full mesh case and fabricate 4 handles for each corner to attach?
    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  6. @linus tech tips, why not make a dummy in Inventor? Easy to draw small things in and connect them. Gives you an idea if something would fit or not. Besides you can also subtract the parts you need to make yourself, and print blueprints for it ;)!

  7. I guess Apple nailed the Mac Pro. Because they fitted more then you did (except the water cooling though) inside a small chassis for all that power. The price of the Mac Pro won’t be for every company though. (As the configurations inside it as well.)

  8. Was gived a dual cpu Mac Pro a couple years ago. Water cooling had leaked at some point. The bottom of my Mac Pro has some weird crystalized liquid thats blue and green. Really tripped me out seeing that. I plan on doing something similar to this but I never found the time to do the work to make the case clean

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