These Are All Samsung Phones Getting Android 10

Samsung isn’t typically in a rush to ship new Android versions to its devices, and the company usually starts the whole thing by kicking off beta programs for its flagship devices.

These beta programs are specifically supposed to give phone owners the chance to try out new Android releases ahead of the public launch, while at the same time sending feedback to Samsung and helping the company polish the experience before everyone gets the update.

While the beta program for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on Android 10 is expected to begin in just a few weeks, everyone obviously expects the new mobile operating system version to go live for many more Samsung models.

And until today, nobody knew for sure what Samsung phones are supposed to get the Android 10 update and what are not.

Galaxy S8 not getting Android 10

According to a list obtained by AndroidPure, Android 10 will be shipped to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and newer and Galaxy Note 9 and newer, but also to various M, J, and A models. You can check the full list in the picture attached to the article.

Somewhat surprising, albeit we’ve heard this before through unofficial channels, is that the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are obviously left behind with the release of Android 10. This means these two former flagships won’t be getting the new OS update, so customers still using these devices have no other option than to upgrade to a newer model.

Samsung typically releases two major Android updates for its devices, and in the case of the Galaxy Note 8 and S8, both models already reached this limit. Of course, this isn’t necessarily good news for those who spent hundreds of dollars on their smartphones, but given these smartphones are already several years old, upgrading is the only way to go.

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