Vivaldi Browser Lands on Android, First Beta Now Available for Download

Vivaldi has quickly become one of the world’s favorite browsers on the desktop, and despite not having the large market share of rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the app keeps evolving at an amazing pace.

And after providing PC users with remarkable customization power and privacy options, Vivaldi is ready to do the same thing on mobile, with the very first beta for Android now available for download.

The first thing that’s worth highlighting about Vivaldi for Android is that the browser won’t run any tracking on your device, and the Vivaldi team emphasizes that the application doesn’t use Google’s browser core that comes built-in into the mobile operating system.

Top privacy and security

In other words, you should be getting the same privacy level as in Vivaldi for the desktop, which let’s be honest, is not something you should ignore given all the tracking happening on all platforms these days.

“Vivaldi runs on the latest version of code while at the same time we create our own alternatives to what Google has provided in their web browser core on Android – we don’t use Google’s web browser core built into Android. That means the same privacy and security properties, as well as independent features you’ve come to expect from the Vivaldi browser on desktop,” Vivaldi explains.

Additionally, the encrypted sync system doesn’t use Google servers and no data is sent to the search giant. The encryption happens locally, so passwords are always secure. The sync feature includes notes, saved passwords, speed dials, autofill information, bookmarks, and history.

No profiles are built and in terms of features, the parent company wants the desktop browser to feel just like the desktop sibling, which means you’re getting features that have until now been exclusive to PCs, like panels, speed dial, notes, and capturing screenshots. More are on their way, Vivaldi says.

The very first beta of Vivaldi for Android is now available for download, and the coming updates not only that will further refine the experience with this build, but also add new features.

At this point, no specifics have been shared regarding an iOS version of Vivaldi.

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