Who has the Best PC at LTT??

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Who has the Best PC at LTT?? 1
Who has the Best PC at LTT?? 2
Who has the Best PC at LTT?? 3
Who has the Best PC at LTT?? 4
Who has the Best PC at LTT?? 5

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  1. Not trying to be a jackass…but I'm easily 10X of a gamer than these 3 combined lol…my PC setup isn't " sick " but I'm confidently enough to say I'm truly more of a
    " gamer " I used to be crazy with building PC when I first started, now I'm I'm too fucking lazy lol…I just want a good working PC and PLAY MY GAMES !
    Matter of fact I actually swap out my Vega for a 2080 Super for an upgrade….my reigning streak of owning AMD GPU has ended sadly…started since 5830 all the way every single generation ( as long if it's an upgrade ) till Vega 64.
    Because as of late, could be my Ryzen 1700X, when my PC works, it works flawlessly in some games, but at times…it runs like shit, stutters etc….so I may actually have to try to swap out my CPU as well back to Intel sadly……for the SAKE OF GAMING !

  2. Note – consoles from pawn shops aren't typically stolen; they're often typically pawned by addicts that are down to scraping together coins, the console is usually the first thing to be pawned since they're worth(well, "in season"; needless to say, the current console market is just a wee bit saturated this generation) a good chunk of money, plus some if you're throwing the games & peripherals in.

    Now, if you want to talk stolen pawn shop goods – POWER TOOLS. Motherfuckers steal that shit from construction/job sites all the time. They're worth BANK too; blows my mind that so many of these chumps don't keep a close watch on their tools. My damn tools get treated like they're a nice stack of cash. Because they are.

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