World's First 300hz GAMING Display

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22 Comments on “World's First 300hz GAMING Display”

  1. Incoming coil whine in 3 2 1.. And yes, tested on my Pascal, coil while becomes noticeable in the 240 range and very annoying in 300. So unless all 2000 series cards are suddenly immune to coil whine, these are not usable. (fire up 3DMark Night Raid and adjust settings to hit said ranges)

  2. and here i am content with a 2880x1620p75, i am fine with 60 … i can't feel a difference after 120, 75 is the best compromise for 1620p, 144 and above is just an extra price rise argument for me (personal opinion ofc, although it's not like above 120 is manageable without huge compromising above 1080p … either … )

  3. IPS is fast.. But contrast SUCKS. For creativity etc I would choose a VA panel. MUCH better contrast and still has greater viewing angles than TN panels and don't have brun-in issues like OLED over a long period of time with a static image.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen we have a "hey I'm going to look as dumb as humanly possible" thumbnail crisis. Please like this so people start to realize we're tired of seeing such punchable faces in the thumbnails of the top trending.

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