2020 National Budget Commentary by Red Hat Malaysia

Comment by Eric Quah, Country Manager for Red Hat Malaysia:

Eric Quah, Country Manager for Red Hat Malaysia

Through the 2020 National Budget, the Malaysian government has reiterated its commitment to continue driving the growth of the country’s new economy and Industry Revolution 4.0, with a strong emphasis on the utilization of next-generation technology to accelerate transformation across various industries.

Red Hat is greatly encouraged by the promising use of technology in the digital banking sector and the digital transformation of Malaysian businesses, in line with efforts of having a matured digital landscape. We also applaud the Malaysian government in their commitment to providing support and grants to help businesses achieve automation and digitization, further enabling access to innovations and disruptive technologies.

It is increasingly clear that incremental innovation is just not enough anymore; we must innovate continuously through rapid development to meet ever-evolving business demands. In line with that, as local enterprises move towards digitizing their businesses, investment in IT should not be perceived as an expense rather, an asset to propel their operations and capture new gains. As such, enterprises should begin by exploring solutions that are inexpensive and gives them the ability to start small and scale.

In line with this, Red Hat Malaysia aims to support enterprises in their transformation and innovation journey by adopting the power of open source solutions.

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