3rd Gen THREADRIPPER – WAN Show Oct 18, 2019

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3rd Gen THREADRIPPER - WAN Show Oct 18, 2019 1
3rd Gen THREADRIPPER - WAN Show Oct 18, 2019 2
3rd Gen THREADRIPPER - WAN Show Oct 18, 2019 3
3rd Gen THREADRIPPER - WAN Show Oct 18, 2019 4
3rd Gen THREADRIPPER - WAN Show Oct 18, 2019 5

40 Comments on “3rd Gen THREADRIPPER – WAN Show Oct 18, 2019”

  1. 3rd week of timestamps woop!

    0:53 Linus explains why he's wearing a lab coat and safety goggles

    1:51 Topic Rundown

    4:22 Intro

    5:20 Linus Debunks theories about last week WAN show stream 'kill'

    6:09 3rd Gen threadripper and Ryzen 9 3950x coming soon

    11:14 Is intel in trouble?

    24:58 Conclusion to 'Is intel in trouble?'

    27:15 Blizzard pulls out of launch event for overwatch on switch, bans more pro Hong Kong hearthstone players and senators call out censorship.

    30:40 Sponsor Ridge Wallets

    31:30 Sponsor Seasonic

    32:45 Sponsor Savage Jerky

    34:43 Linus colab with Donut Media

    37:00 Colab with Shroud, MrGrimmmz, Corey_OW and Paul's Hardware

    38:37 Discussion about Nvidia and website

    42:17 Back to colab subject after getting sidetracked

    43:12 Luke admits he can't tell the difference in his shooting game skills on higher refreshrate monitors

    46:55 Spoilers from here If you wish to not have anything spoiled about the colab, go to next subject.

    55:41 Google pixel 4, pixel book go, new pixel buds, nest mini, home mini 2 and nest wifi routers

    58:21 Riot Games announces new projects

    1:01:28 Outro

    (Linus also posted apologies in the livechat for missing superchats, my guess is that he will read them next WAN show)

  2. Aye man, i got a really slow laptop with linux lubuntu installed, 1 gb of ram and i dont know how much cpu but its weak, i would love i you could make a video about what the litest browser is

  3. ,I was a intel fan boy till i7 lost hyperthreading. I would have bought a I9 if it was called a i7 with 8core and hyperthreading even if and was better multitasker if the price remained i7. lvl, instead they brought out the i9 charged alt more form it, which is fine but giving it hyperthreading and ntaking it away from my i7. yep I said min but that's how I feel. and unless intel has a proper desktop 7 nm in 2020 with a i7 with hyperthreadingnand 8 core or a i7 priced i9 I will be going and on profile. I haven't used and since the durone andnthunderbird days where prices really where cheaper than intel. not so today hey

  4. On the discussion around ~18 min mark: I agree. For example, multi-core AMD processors don't play all that well with PARDISO – which is in a nutshell a parallel computation tool. AMD has a long way to go as far as optimization and compatibility goes, which is why Intel still has all the leverage.

  5. 30:30 If you want to be that nit picky than technically they are colours because they are either the near-complete absorption or reflection of all other colours.

  6. My last console sized PC, I built with an AMD processor. My larger gaming rig is Intel. I just feel like AMD wants my business and that they try harder to give me value. When I upgrade, I'm likely to go with AMD this time.

  7. Wow Linus… how disgraceful. It is clear that your stoic reaction towards the Blizzard situation clearly shows signs that you don't take free speech seriously and you don't care about the Hong Kong struggle. You're so fence-sitting right now. Just kidding, but anyone can find any reason to get mad.

  8. Find it funny how Blizzard is willing to piss off the western (specially the US) market in order to not piss off the Chines market. I guess their home is not profitable anymore.

  9. servers through the ages would be cool, because it would be like a dinosaur vid. things i dont know about, but we get to learn about. do it!!

  10. They don't shoot themselves in the foot they simple price gouge and always have, if you keep kicking a dog in the end it will bite you and people are fed up with Intel and not don't need to put up with their shit anymore!

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