4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET

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4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET 2
4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET 3
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29 Comments on “4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET”

  1. To all the commenters saying that $1000 is not a budget PC, parts are getting more expensive and editing 4K video takes slightly more expensive parts. Get used to it. If you had the money to buy a 4K camera then you should have done the research(which is what this video is trying to give people) on what kind of PC you need to edit in that resolution. If you cant afford a PC like this then do more research into what you can get away with, with worse performance, for editing in 4K. This video is to show good performance without spending even more money. If they had left the RTX 2060 in the config it would have been even more. And yes $1000 is pretty low budget for 4K editing like some other(intelligent) commenters have pointed out.

  2. U can get 2600 nearly at half price of the 3600.
    Ironwolf not worth the money, especially if ur using raid.
    1650 is overpriced. (U can get 570 for less)
    CX650M overpriced. (Buy be quiet 650 bronze)

  3. Too bad you weren't giving this away to a loyal fan who is trying to get into the video creation marker, 😉

  4. 5 people told me to come watch this. i need a game development workstation, actually two, one immediate budget rig and one down the line, long term full rig

  5. Hey Linus check out the video "louis opens new macbook air immediately loses mind"
    Would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

  6. Why NAS drives? If its for storage couldn't you cheap out and use WD greens or something? There's probably something I'm missing since Ive never edited video, but i was wondering.

  7. If I may, I think Linus looked SOOO PROFESSIONAL in this video, I totally thought they were using a double. REALLY LOVED IT

  8. Does the Viewsonic coupon work in Canada?

    If budget allows I would recommend going to 32GB ram, especially for After Effects.

  9. Hey I absolutely need you guys help with speaker on my harman kardon HK GO + PLAY I pressed the + – buttons at the same time but the speaker turned off and can’t turn on again please please help!!!

  10. That GPU will fail hard in Davinci Resolve Fusion 16 and also to little RAM. Min requirement is GTX 1080 and 32GB Ram. Not sure if they mentioned it, but a cache SSD is also be a great help with DR. Generating optimised media and Fusion render cache take up massive amounts of space, so a separate drive that can just be abused really helps.

  11. Me: 2060? Wait Linus, you said "BUDGET"!!!!
    Also me: Oh, right… that's for 4K footages. Nvm than (go back to edit my 720p footages)

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