Adobe Releases Out-of-Band Security Patches for 82 Flaws in Various Products

adobe software patch updates

No, it’s not a patch Tuesday.

It’s the third Tuesday of the month, and as The Hacker News shared an early heads-up late last week on Twitter, Adobe today finally released pre-announced out-of-band security updates to patch a total of 82 security vulnerabilities across its various products.

The affected products that received security patches today include:

Out of 82 security vulnerabilities, 45 are rated critical, and all of them affect Adobe Acrobat and Reader and which, if exploited successfully, could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.

A majority of critical-rated vulnerabilities (i.e., 26) in Adobe Acrobat and Reader reside due to use-after-free, 6 due to out-of-bounds write, 4 are type confusion bugs, 4 due to untrusted pointer dereference, 3 are heap overflow bugs, one buffer overrun and one race condition issue.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems has also received patches for 23 important-rated vulnerabilities that could lead to information disclosure attacks due to out-of-bounds read and cross-site scripting issues.

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