Are these WEIRD headphones any good? Full Review

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  1. I could see this as a nice cosplay accessory. For example, I'm looking into playing a Warhammer Kroxigor at some point. Integrating these into a latex mask if I can order them in creme or beige. I don't think I can, though.

  2. Theres one group of people who would want these… the kind of people who want the same convenience, portability, and form factor as wireless buds or pods… but over ear because nothing fits comfortably in their ear. I know someone at my work for instance that this would be perfect for…

    At my work we do a lot of physical labor, but we are allowed to have on headphones provided that you only have in one ear so you can at least hear around you. Well earbuds and airpods all dont stay in his ear. Hes tried, they all fall out. So this would be perfect.

    Problem is, the price is crazy. We dont make a ton of money so… headphones at that cost, yeah he would never get them.

  3. Are you telling me they implemented a function to send the ambient sound back in your ears… but they didn't put an option to invert the phase so that the headphones can have active noise canceling as well ?

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