Best Thin Cases for Google Pixel 3 in 2019

Thin Cases for Google Pixel 3
Android Central

Google made the Pixel 3 beautifully thin, but unfortunately, it also made the Pixel 3 a glass-backed phone, and glass-backed phones need cases before they face the concrete jungles of the real world. Nobody likes a clunky tank of a case, but you can protect your phone without losing that thin feel. There are many cases on the market for the Pixel 3 that are so thin, you’ll forget you have a case!

Like it’s not even there

Again, we’ve loved Totallee cases for as long as it’s been making cases for Android phones because these cases are ridiculously thin, are perfectly sculpted for the Pixel’s curves, and feature no branding whatsover. Most of the time from a distance, it doesn’t really look like you have a case on at all.

Totallee is pretty proud of its products and the price tags show that, but you can still get a good thin case without breaking the bank. The X-Level Guardian can be slipped on and off easily thanks to its flexible TPU design, which will also hold up better long-term than hard-shell thin cases. Hard cases can be thinner than TPU, but that also makes them more fragile, and a fragile case doesn’t really protect your phone well.

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