Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) – WAN Show Oct 11, 2019

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Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019 1
Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019 2
Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019 3
Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019 4
Blizzard Boycott? (PT 2) - WAN Show Oct 11, 2019 5

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  1. Timestamps PT 2

    5:48 Apple removes Hong Kong protest map
    11:33 Google has also removed Hong Kong Protestor game
    12:23 Steam to make local multiplayer games online (remote play together)
    13:45 New water bottle colors
    14:07 Steam subject continues
    14:55 PT 2 high refresh rate latency test announcement ft. Michael Grzesiek (Shroud)
    17:17 Lan parties going 'retro'?
    18:45 Sponsor MOS Organizer
    20:17 Sponsor Honey
    22:09 Sponsor Private Internet Access
    23:51 Stadia 'thing'
    30:20 Superchats

  2. Eh the terms and conditions/rules/contract (which you are supposed to read, understand and sign to be able to take part in tournaments and such) is their version of the motor vehicle act. China is a douche but the player and casters were playing with fire as well putting blizzards business on the line forcing them against a corner pitting them against the chinese government and their bottom line.

  3. Being against tyranny transcends "politics talk". Don't give inhumane dictatorships a valid side in the discussion: If you treat other people inhumanely (concentration camps, denying human rights, etc) you're not a valid opinion in a political debate, you're the enemy of humanity. In all human history, the horrible stuff has happened because people refused to speak up.

  4. How does Boycotting Blizzard help anything? If less and less people buy their products outside China they'd have to invest in and rely more on the Chinese market INCREASING the amount of control China would have over their them; that just makes it worse. It's a prime example of the best intentions having the worst outcome.

  5. To be short, American (and some other people) cannot say anything about we don’t like or hate BLACK people, we are providing enough equal rights with them (at less, we are trying). But however, when they discuss about China, they just do not really care anymore.

    For example, Japan have a hotel (APA hotel) that denials The Nanking Massacre existed. Furthermore, Japanese government also think they own the Diaoyu Islands. American can understand the North Korea ban the networking worldwidely, so why cannot understand China bans the VPN and other tech with it. Pleases do not be a Double labeling person. For Australian, Mr Holden claimed that Sun Yang does drugs, but the only real here is that one of your Australian swimmers did drugs. Pleases say something.

    To be honest, for Chinese, we believe that America is the most dangerous country in the world. Why? Guns. But we never said anything about territorial integrity. Thus, pleases do not bother mind ours. We can handle this like you handle yours. Maintaining territorial integrity is one of the major factors as a country, therefore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet. If you mention any questions included above area, it just something like American people hate and insult BLACK people and other Aboriginal in other countries. What’s more, it is also like “women should not have the same salary as men”. OK? We have different culture, so we must have some of the culture and thinking difference. But at less, pleases, do not discuss this part of the problem. Chinese do not discuss or make a statement about your “that area”, so pleases do not make any statement about Chinese “that area”. We respect your free speaking rights. So, pleases respect ours.

    Sport should not relate to policy, at less do not have influence on sports, such as the Olympic Games. Nowadays, esports is one of the sports, so pleases do not hurt it. If Chinese players said that “American Guns law make people die more than other countries, do not go there”, “female employees cannot get enough salary and rights as male in American companies, so do not work there”, “American still like insult BLACK people, so BLACK friends pleases be careful and think twice when you want to go there”. ARE YOU GUYS PLEASED? If you cannot embrace it, you just feel the same as a Chinese out there. Making all kind of statements about “that area” things.

    Overall, people cannot understand each other easily. Thus, whatever happened is reasonable. In fact, NBA do not want to make official profits in China is fine, we do not really care. Blizzard acts this, some of Chinese pleased, some are not care about it. For the former, finally one of the other countries’ company do what they need to do, games should BE pure games, do not relate with any political area. The others do not care because they do not play any Blizzard games in the first place, so it is not really part of their lives. After they heard this news, they might download some Blizzard games, and also, they might just have better impression for this company and still do nothing with it. In fact, whatever you guys uninstall Blizzard games or not, company still can make tons of profits each year, even just China left. So, wake up, China grows up, we have enough economic competitiveness to impact worldwide companies and system.

    Wonder if you do not know, English (UK) buses mostly are Chinese brand, which is BYD, and Geely owned Volvo several years ago. After that, how many profits we created. On the other hand, Holden in Australia, what is the outcome? In the future, China can just buy, we can buy mostly companies around the world, fear us right now? Pleases wait for some time. We still a developing country, although we know we have to face this kind of insult right now. Yes, whether you support or not they punish HK police officers is an insult, more specific, mainland. This is our domestic problems, pleases do not make comments if you are public figures or anyone make it as a discussable thing talk in public. If you do, you should prepare the following consequences. It is just like you twittered a questionable senescence and be ready for the outcome. It is what we do right now. We posted one news, Blizzard acted differently than others, we do not really care whether they inform this kind of information or not (such as: as our players, you cannot make any political statement in public). Because, it is a comment sense in China, do not discuss other family matters, it is disrespectful. Hopefully, you guys also understand this. Thanks for reading.

  6. I believe people were picking up on when Linus said if one of their employees was always saying political things that linus would take them aside and tell them that could hurt their brand. Not their companies brand but just the employees personal brand. Which is like kinda silly.. I mean if you're just saying "I stand with Hong Kong" you're on the correct side of history. Who cares what your personal brand looks like to communist China.

  7. When it comes to fighting against a country with concentration camps and organ harvesting theres not staying out of it. Your either supporting them or your against them.

  8. If you are going to do some political protest, you should be prepared for some kind of retaliation. The part of being prepared getting the punishment for your action is the part of your message of how the topic you are protesting about is important for you. If you are going to throw rotten tomatoes on the police be prepared to spent a night in the jail… and that's perfectly fine. Today's Internet activist wannabes don't get this and this is related to the fact that people are used to be allowed to say anything on Internet without any kind of responsibility…

  9. I can imagine Local Multiplayer being relevant for a LOT of older games from the 90's and early 00's on Steam (more on GoG, DRM free!), which might make it more attractive to buy through Steam. And since they're older games, the quality and graphics requirements aren't that high, so would still work at that point, right? Does this make sense to everyone else too?

  10. You would be surprised to see how many games still come out that only support Local Co-op. It's quite frankly kind of crazy and is most of the time judged as bad/out of time to not have Online Multiplayer by prominent reviewers.

  11. Most PC gamers would be surprised by the amount of latency they already experience locally. The latency in the engine + framerate + monitor can get up to 100ms, so the 30ms introduced by Stadia won't really make a big difference.

  12. They're being mad at you being mad at other people who are in turn……being mad at people….. THE MADNESS CONTINUES!! 😂
    This is why wars happen, the people in power with differing ideals that aren't "tolerant" of other peoples ideals.

    Blizzard were bound to be two-faced stuck in the middle of that situation. What did people think was going to be said to each party involved, the thing you have to remember is, Blizzard(and all other big companies with multi-national shareholders) DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT ANY OF US……FULL STOP!! Shock, I know…..😲
    I agree with Linus and Luke, Blizzard haven't broke the laws where it matters….
    Blizzard for sure over-reacted when handing out the size 9's and the damage control was FUBAR (and it obviously wasn't planned for either)…. But that just sounds like every other crappy big company that's only interested in the share price they command….EVILLY NEUTRAL🙄

  13. They were within their rights when their own country doesn't believe in rights. That is some pretty fucking stupid logic. Why should Corporations have more rights than people?

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