Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD – Hydro X Series

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Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series 1
Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series 2
Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series 3
Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series 4
Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD - Hydro X Series 5

40 Comments on “Custom Water Cooled PC SPEED BUILD – Hydro X Series”

  1. Ummm…where's the drain port? That's the part that neither EK's customiser or Corsairs talks about. Sure you could go without it but it makes maintenance way more difficult. IMO at least

  2. What is with the trend of PC cases with zero or little air intakes/flow? Getting harder to pick a decent looking case that can cool the parts instead of being an oven :S

  3. If even ONE of the parts is from MSI, then this isn't an "all Corsair" build. I call foul.
    I demand ALL the parts be from Corsair!

  4. My 'Up Next' column is full of this guys face pulling an awkward confused/shocked expression with 2002-style highlighting around his head. Change it up!

  5. I was under the impression that this channel was for somewhat adult people but seeing all of those "shiny lights" I understand now that it's for little children.

  6. I'm on my second H75 Corsair AIO cooler for my fx8350 and while its great to begin with, they always eventually start making noise. Maybe i'll get some custom gear for my next one. But that being said, if Noctua are making all black these days… BUT i am already running a corsair case, ram, PSU, mouse and keyboard… Decisions, decisions…

  7. Wish I could have that pc 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️ I just have pc with 4 gb ram 256gb ssd no graphic card😂

  8. 6:25 THIS. Tried to explain to so many people, not many seem to understand. My P-660 works passively 100% of the time, so there's absolutely zero sense in mounting it with the fan down…

  9. No mention of pump type, no mention of reservoir material, no mention of compatibility with other manufacturers parts, no mention of the OEM manufacturers, no mention of maintenance difficulty. I could go on but you get the point. If you want to see someone actually dismantle the corsair hydro X range and talk to Corsair's engineer, go watch bit-tech instead.

  10. Remember to clean your loop before assembling it/pouring the cooling in, you will have possible less issues in the long run

  11. instead of a hole in motherboard for cable routing, how about a connector on or next to socket where the RGB and CPU fan header just directly connect to, without having the cables? Just pop the cooler/block on it and have them internally route some wire and while you screw on the cooler/block it makes the connection.

  12. Corsair…*"How much would a full build with all our parts cost but have Linus build it? Oh it doesn't matter if he drops everything…"*

  13. "alright, so step one of this Corsair sponsored Video is to clear all this Corsair stuff off the table." Leaves Nvidia box on the table. Nice one, Linus. Well done 🙂

  14. LOL 3.5 hours, I sure wish I could do a CLC in that time. The first time I did a custom hardline loop I spent a solid 12 hours, sun-up to sun-down, perfecting everything… and I still wasn't done. Although I just jumped feet first into hardline acrylic before anything else, so there was a steep learning curve. I also didn't have any extra acrylic to spare, so I couldn't fuck anything up.

  15. I know this was ment to be a display of how easy and well it all goes together but realty the pipes looks horrible maybe call Jayztwocents 🙂

  16. Is there any reason to spend extra money on a thirdparty graphics card if you're just going to ditch the cooling system anyway?

  17. The problem with this is that Corsair (mostly Asetek or CoolIt) already makes decent AIOs. I'm not going to bother spending the extra hour or more and the hassle for a 3°C – 8°C reduction in CPU temp.

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