Google Launches the Pixel 4 with Android 10, Astrophotography, and Motion Sense

Google officially launched today the long rumored and leaked Pixel 4 smartphone, a much-needed upgrade to the Pixel 3 and 3a series with numerous enhancements and new features.

The Pixel 4 smartphone is finally here, boasting upgraded camera with astrophotography capabilities so you can shoot the night sky and Milky Way without using a professional camera, a feature that will also be ported to the Pixel 3 and 3a devices with the latest camera app update, as well as Live HDR+ support for outstanding photo quality.

“You can use Night Sight for shots of the night sky, the stars, and even the Milky Way (when you find a clear night),” said Brian Rakowski, VP, Product Management. “Pixel 4 also has Live HDR+ in the viewfinder so you know exactly what your photo will look like, even when you’re using the new controls in tricky lighting.”

Also new in Pixel 4 is the Motion Sense feature, which lets you interact with the phone’s interface using hand gestures thanks to a miniature radar sensor that detects movement around the device. For example, you can use hand gestures to silence your phone ringer, snooze alarms, dismiss timers, and even skip songs.

New built-in apps, new Google Assistant, and Android 10

The Pixel 4 also comes with a new, deeper intergrated Google Assistant voice-activated intelligent assistant that’s much faster, supports multiple tasks across other apps, and handles more requests, a new Recorder app that can can record anything you want and it’s capable of transcribing speech and identifing sounds like music and applause.

Additionally, Pixel 4 features a new Personal Safety app that can automatically call emergency services in your area if it detects that you’ve been in a car accident, and the ability to end-to-end encrypt face unlock data with Google’s custom-built Titan M security chip, which is also used for secure payments and app unlocks.

Under the hood, Pixel 4 boasts 6GB RAM, a 90hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, the engine used for machine learning, on-device processing, and always-on computing. It’s powered by the latest Android 10 mobile operating system and comes with monthly security updates for 3 years, as well as access to Google’s advanced security services.

Customers can pre-order the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL starting today from the official Google Store website for $799 USD and $899 USD respectively, in three different colors, including Just Black, Clearly White, and a limited edition, Oh So Orange. The new smartphones will being shipping worldwide on October 24th.

Motion Sense on Pixel 4

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