Google may have cut too many corners… – Pixel 4 Review

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20 Comments on “Google may have cut too many corners… – Pixel 4 Review”

  1. And how can the Pixel is still the best camera? Picture quality is marginally better than the iPhone, missing ultra wide, and the video and mic quality is just obliterated by the iPhone.

  2. NGL, not a fan of the whole "Apple should be EMBARRASSED" clickbait title, when: one, you didn't even berate Apple that much; two, your appraisal of the Pixel wasn't resoundingly positive.

    You're better than that, LTT.

  3. “Headphone satisfying not new”
    “Duo camera no need”
    “Pixel users took twice more photos than iPhone users and we also have free full quality cloud upload”

    It is funny to see Google fucking their fan base

  4. I saw that left behind thingy plenty of times on iPad OS12. Happens when I hold on some thumbnail image of some Youtube vids or Safari and Chrome web images.
    None on iPad OS13 so far though

  5. Things not mentioned (or understated):

    + Fast wireless charging, with up to 11 Watts Qi support.

    + What about water resistance? IP68, so under 3 feet for a brief period 'should' be ok

    +/- What kind of glass is used? Gorilla glass 5 on front and back, so expect fingerprints/smudges galore.

    – How's the battery life? On the basic Pixel 4, people report 4 hours of actual use with it's 2,800 mAh, which is horrible. The 4XL at 3,700 mAh does a little better, but not much.

    +/- What's the best video format for recording? 4k @30fps , or. 1080p at up to 120fps

    – What HDR formats are supported? HDR10 for video playback. Photos (unsure) seem limited to a 24bit color format (8 bits per channel, RGB), so technically not HDR.

    – Why does it have so little internal memory? There is no excuse

    – Why does is it cost so much? I just don't know! Google is, shall we say CHALLENGED, when it comes to procuring and selling actual goods. They're special, so need a higher price to pay for the extra work needed to sell way less orders in a year than Samsung fulfills in a month.(probably true, I'm too lazy to research recent marketing data, but it sounds true )

    – Who should buy one? NOBODY, the price is rediculoius for what you get!

  6. Wow, so now you guys change the title to complete opposite ends to grab both fans and haters. Amazing.

    In case someone missed it, it got posted as "Apple should take notes" to "Google may have cut too many corners".

    Truly next level click bait.

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