Google Says Android 10 Coming to “Some” Samsung Phones This Year

Google has already released Android 10 for its devices, but in pure Samsung fashion, we still don’t know when the South Korean phone manufacturer is projected to roll out this update for its very own models.

Judging from Samsung’s release calendars in the past years, we can only guess that the first Samsung smartphones could get Android 10 by December 31, with the rest to follow throughout 2020.

And this appears to indeed be the plan. Google itself has spilled the beans on Samsung’s Android 10 update plans, explaining in a blog post detailing the Android 10 rollout that Samsung is committed to delivering this new version of the operating system at least to “some” devices by the end of the year.

Android 10 beta being tested on Samsung phones

“This year, we saw two OEMs issue software updates to Android 10 on the day we announced it: Xiaomi and Essential. On the same day, OnePlus started a public beta program, and just a few days later, they started updating devices,” Iliyan Malchev, Project Treble Architect at Google, says.

“HMD Global’s Nokia 8.1 just started receiving the update this week. In addition to these partners, many manufacturers such as ASUS, LG, Motorola, OPPO, Realme, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Transsion, and Vivo have committed to updating some of their devices to Android 10 by the end of the year.”

So there you go, “some” devices will get the Android 10 update sometime this year.

And because no specifics are available, we can only guess that the Galaxy S and Note series are the first in queue to receive Android 10. Of course, the dates are pretty hard to guess, but even Google applauds Samsung for moving much faster this year.

“We are very excited that Samsung announced an open beta for Android 10 on their devices and started the rollout on October 12th, compared to November 15th last year,” Malchev said.

Samsung’s Android 10 beta program is under way for the latest flagships, and users can join it from the Samsung Members app.

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