How SMBs Can Mitigate the Growing Risk of File-based Attacks

File-based Attacks

Cases of document-based malware are steadily rising. 59 percent of all malicious files detected in the first quarter of 2019 were contained in documents.

Due to how work is done in today’s offices and workplaces, companies are among those commonly affected by file-based attacks. Since small to medium businesses (SMBs) usually lack the kind of security that protects their larger counterparts, they have a greater risk of being affected.

Falling victim to file-based malware can cause enormous problems for SMBs. An attack can damage critical data stored in the organization’s computers. Such loss can force a company to temporarily halt operations, resulting in financial losses.

If a customer’s private and financial information is compromised, the company may also face compliance inquiries and lawsuits. Their reputations could also take a hit, discouraging customers from doing business with them.

But despite these risks, SMBs still invest very little in cybersecurity. Fortunately, new and better solutions specifically focused on file-based attack protection like malware disarming are emerging to deal with file-based attacks. They’re becoming more accessible too.

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