I can't believe it all FITS!!! Hack Pro Pt. 2

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  1. Louis Rossman: You're using too little paste!

  2. Hello Linus tech tips can i trykt to make the Best gaming pc for People with not much money and give all the info of the stuff inside the pc

    PS i love your videos keep up the good work

  3. where is part 3 , and how much does this all cost ? 😀

  4. An AGP 8x graphics card, yeah Linus, why would they design it like that in a Mid-2003/2004 computer?! For everyone interested:
    First PCIe graphics card test samples were build in 2004, becoming avaiable in late 2004, early 2005.
    A while they used AGP-to-PCIe Bridge Chips (or HIS – High Speed Interconnect), which made them essentially AGP cards with no speed benefit what so ever. Early samples even were slower. Not to mention that like how today GPUs hardly use PCIe 3.0 bandwith, then AGP 8x cards weren't much faster than AGP 4x, so that bandwith need was no problem. PCIe did allow bus-based SLI and Crossfire though.
    Nvidias first native PCIe chip design was released June 2005 in form of Series 7 Geforce like Geforce 7800 GTX (G70).
    ATIs first native PCIe design was Radeon X850 (R480) late 2004.
    To make these cards avaiable for AGP bus they again used a bridge, this time the other way around (like ATI Rialto Chip). Especially large scale OEMs had need for AGP cards.

  5. I hope he treat the old G5 with more respect.
    Stop throwing stuff around like it's got no value

  6. 2:49

    Druaga1 cries in the background

  7. Now I need to find one of my stripped down G5's to finish (have 2-3 in storage thanks to an ewaste company I worked for).

  8. The saying "computer teardown" really meant exactly what is says when it comes to Linus 😀

  9. In this video Linus is behaving like a kid who just got a load of candy

  10. This is 1000x more effort than any Macintosh deserves.

  11. You know it's an old build by looking at the case fans he installed!

  12. We have faith in the team its mainly Linus that we given up on 🙂

  13. is that the proper way to read bifurcation?

  14. They are so f4ck1ng bad at customizing….

  15. When I saw the full Power Mac G5, I was like:


  16. even it's a mac, I felt pain.

  17. the moment when you should team up with demoliton ranch, in order to properly dismantle an crap apple

  18. Finally YOU can open 3 google chrome tabs with 384 gb of ram

  19. That poor first G5 😅

    1 like = 1 prayer 🙏

  20. Imagine This pc on Dune pro case

  21. I expected to see this video in a year or so.

  22. 0:15
    This is how windows 10 look like after update.

  23. I literally unsubscribed the moment you did that to the g5. Working or not that's fucking painful

  24. hp z840 —->hacktosh setting? help me!

  25. F##k me were lucky li nus didn't have to become a f##king surgeon or something

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