I was WRONG – Oculus Quest Review

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48 Comments on “I was WRONG – Oculus Quest Review”

  1. Linus " I don't let my son play mobile games "

    Linus " this isn't bad considering it's on a mobile processor "

    Linus's kid " DDDAAAAAD! Please can I get an oculus quest "

    Linus " well… no "

  2. For everyone who cares, streaming PC games to the Quest works incredibly good when using a capable dual band router, like ubiquiti… Apart from some very minor stutters the experience is just as good as a wired one! Also latency is less of an issue than expected… ^^

  3. The guardian limits the safety area to 15 by 15 meters. But check this out: real immersion, displacement included, in a damn football pitch!!

    PD: I believe you are mixing horizontal and diagonal FOV values, depending on the model, on minute 5:30. I believe 90 degrees is horizontal FOV in Oculus, whilst 130 degrees is diagonal FOV in Index.

  4. Hardware doesn't matter if the game experiences aren't there. I own VR, haven't used it in 2 years because there is nothing there that's enticing. Every option in the VR catalog is nothing more than 5 minutes of "oh that was neat" and basically never come back to it because of how non-full-game and bite-size they feel. AAA VR games aren't a thing (in the way that a AAA PC or AAA Console game is a thing) and there are no trends suggesting it ever will be. Without that, it will NEVER NOT be a dead gaming medium because the DEVELOPMENT of SUPER QUALITY vr GAMES are and have been stagnated and uninteresting since launch.

  5. If AMD would move Ryzen into mobile phone/VR, the graphics would KILL Snapdragon all the way! I do hope that someday they can make a stand alone VR like this using AMDs awesomeness!

  6. Not just a smartphone processor but a 2 year old model smartphone processor! I'm running the same CPU in a phone I got for just over $400 in 2017. These standalone VR headsets will get good fast and likely close the gap on the experience from high end headsets.

  7. Not bringing up the issue with casting being unreliable? Everyone I know who has a quest has the same problem. Its the only seriously annoying thing that is wrong with either the quest or oculus app. They seriously need to sort it

  8. Similarly the Vader immortal warning is nothing to do with tracking but just a game which doesn’t do well with room scale and users moving through geometry

  9. I can’t help but feel in regards to VR Linus is a bit out of touch. I mean not being tethered is absolutely huge for gameplay possibilities and he just seems to overlook it and concentrate on the refresh rate.

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