I went AMD!!

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I went AMD!! 2
I went AMD!! 3
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20 Comments on “I went AMD!!”

  1. 12 cores and several ghz ago, AMD brought forth on this nation a new processor. Conceived in the best price to performance ratio, and dedicated to the proposition that not all processors are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great CPU manufacturer war. Testing whether those companies or any company who conceive processors and are dedicated in such a way can long endure. In the comment section of this video we are met in a great battlefield of that war, and we are to dedicate a portion of this comment section as a final testing place for Intel and for all of those who dedicated there lives so that that manufacturer might endure, it is fitting that we should do this. So that AMD can have a reminder on what not to do in order stay on top.

  2. would be cool if you did a pc build where a new pc builder cannot look at any manuel. A skilled person will stand by to make sure they dont BREAK anything but they are allowed to mess things up. Given 3 life lines like "call linus" would be funny

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