Intel Slashes Prices!! – WAN Show Oct 25, 2019

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  1. U wanna know the differencr between you utube and microsoft

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    Them… they help me…big time

  2. The way intel handle business makes me want to support amd. I will go amd unless they are beaten by something much better for the price – they made the CPU market exciting again.

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  4. I mean I bought a Dell xps 15 inch based on your recommendation and I've been very happy with it. I have a high degree of trust In ltt. I've also never heard him recommend a Nvidia product before. He has had videos showcasing them but I don't think he ever tells you to buy it

  5. With regards to product allokation, I want to point out that even if the consumers have to, and are willing to, pay more in europe, the manufacturers won't necesarily get paid more since, as you mentioned, it is most likely due to all sorts of taxes(VAT, import, etc.).

  6. If conspiracy theorists could cope with reality they wouldn't make up and believe in conspiracy theories. So whatever effort you put into putting the truth out there, they'll match to twist the narrative into their theories.

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